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Game Log against Indy - First half notes

First off, sorry for the delay; my internet connection at home has been flakey and couldn't do any updates. Anyway, it's half-time (I'll log the second half of the game) -- here are my first half notes.

  • I want to start by saying the Bengals have lost their fourth straight coin toss this season. Going into today's game, on losing coin tosses, the Bengals are 3-0.
  • I'll give Channel 12 the benefit of the doubt. They probably don't have the budget or the people of a network televised NFL game (i.e. ESPN, NBC, etc..).. but they were sad. On one graphic, it said Marvin Lewis was 16-16 as a head coach entering his third season. Then on the first play of the first Bengals possession by the Bengals offense, Palmer takes the snap and Channel 12 goes right to an interview with Marvin Lewis. Not a picture in picture deal; all Marvin Lewis, zero play. Then like TNT broadcasting NASCAR on a restart, we missed the first play of the second series because of a commercial break.
  • Indy started their junior varsity when Indy Star earlier this week reported the starters would play at least the first possession.
  • Chad Johnson on his first three plays: 6-yard catch, fumble and drop (like he pulled up avoiding a hit). On the fourth play? A Chad-like 31 yard pass down the left sideline. How he kept both feet in before falling out of bounds defies science.
  • Levi Jones, on the second series, committed two false starts.
  • Tory James' interception was nothing more than Ken Griffey Jr. drawing a beat to lazy pop fly to center field. Shaun King aired a Jon Kitna like pass with little arm strength to #16. James picked off the pass and headed back to the dugout.
  • Rudi Johnson ran for 45-yards on three carries. Johnson's best run, a 26-yard that started on Indy's 40-yard line was all offensive line. Rich Braham and Eric Steinbach doubled the defensive tackle and Levi Jones kicked out the end. Jeremi Johnson and his Lorenzo O'Neal frame blew up the linebacker and Rudi was tackled 26-yards later.
  • On the very next play, the rocket laser-arm 6'5" 230 pound quarterback riffled to Chris Henry -- who was laid out -- for a touchdown.