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Game Log against Indy - Second Half

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9:39: This game is over. Bengals dominate 20-3. Quincy Wilson rushed 19 times for 128 yards and a touchdown.

9:35: Doug Johnson impressed me at times. On a third down, play-action up the middle, Johnson hid the football and rolled out left -- naked bootleg run to the left. It was a nice run, but he convinced 11 Colts that he didn't have the ball.

9:28: While the line continues to dominate, Naufahu Tahi is punishing (and I mean PUNISHING) defenders. I'm not sure if the Colts depth is really this bad, or if Tahi (a TRUCK) is that powerful. He gained 10-yards, with 3 guys tugging at his back.

9:26: From the know how to run an ad file. Channel 12 ran a Great Clips ad with Chad Johnson's golden mo-hawk. You can't make that stuff up.

9:24: From the fool me once file. Josh Betts threw a deep pass into the end-zone and the receiver dropped the pass. It would have been about a 40-yard TD pass; the receiver just didn't make the catch. On that play, Betts was obliterated by a blitzing Nicholson. On the next play, the Colts ran it again. This time Greg Brooks snagged the pass out of the back of the end-zone for a touchback. 9:21: Nice play by Ethan Kilmer. A quick out by the WR, Kilmer met the receiver and the ball was juggled. The receiver finally got the pass after Kilmer harassed the hell out of him, got up, and sprinted after him and made the tackle. Nice play.

9:18: At linebacker, Nicholson, Marcus Wilkins and Odell Thurman.

9:16: Definition of corny -- Under Armor Commercials.

9:12: The Bengals offensive line is Whitworth at left tackle, Kyle Takavitz at left guard, Eric G. at Center, Nate Livings at right guard and Scott Kooistra at right tackle.

9:08: Quincy Wilson just went over 100 yards rushing for the game (116 on 17 carries and a TD). He ran down the left sideline for 49-yards. He doesn't have great foot speed but he has a good center of gravity. He says he models his game after Rudi and after watching him, there's no doubt in my mind that's true.

9:05: There's just over one minute left in the first quarter and DeDe Dorsey is still without a carry. It's nice to have this running back depth, really. Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry and Kenny Watson round out a good group. Quincy Wilson will probably get a spot too.

8:58: Odell Thurman is getting some work in and A.J. Nicholson is in -- questionably fighting for a job.

8:57: I will remember Shaun King as a Tampa Bay quarterback that took his team to a 10-6 his second season. It seemed like his future was bright and Tampa was excited. Brad Johnson took over and that was it for King. He went to Arizona in 2004 and didn't play in 2005. King was one of many quarterbacks in the 1999 draft that included Tim Couch (retired?), Donovan McNabb, Akili Smith (who's that?), Daunte Culpepper and Cade McNown (retired?). People charged that this class could rival the '83 quarterback class. Never.

8:47: I understand those that get Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson or Rudi Johnson jerseys. They are the superstars and people easily identify with those players. But how many Willie Anderson, Levi Jones or Rich Braham jersey's do you see? Personally, I have a Willie Anderson jersey and my on-the-site spy (who got me #71 for a christmas present) decided he's getting a Levi Jones jersey. Better yet, how cool would it be to see five guys in the stands, all lined up accordingly to their position. Now that would be cool.

8:41: Quincy Wilson is "mini-Rudi". On third and five, two Colts defenders tried bringing him down, but he would have none of it. A third defender hit Wilson, started losing his balance and 10-yards later he was finally down. Very impressive run. Very Rudi Johnson like. By the way, I went over to the SBNation Colts site and they're pretty speechless.

8:37: Doug Johnson just got ripped on a fourth and five. He rolled out right looking for a guy but decided to run and got ripped. Johnson then spiked the ball and starting going nuts -- nice fire. First down.

8:35: Quincy Wilson is getting a lot of work tonight. Looks like he's going to have a roster spot. So far, he's carried the ball 13 times. Oh, and the Colts have a guy with the first name of Sweetpea. Weird.

8:33: Doug Johnson is in -- likely for the entire second half. Chris Henry is still in. Andrews is at right tackle, Scott Kooistra at right guard, Ben Wilkerson at center, Eric G. at left guard and Whitworth at left tackle.

8:30: I can't believe the Colts would charge full ticket prices and allow the starters to not play. It's like paying $50 for bleacher sets at a Double-A ball game. What a waste of money for Indy fans -- for anyone really. Maybe I'm starting to see that argument against pre-season games. 56,212 paid.

8:27: Carson Palmer went 4/6 for 73 yards and a touchdown -- to Chris Henry. Anthony Wright in the first half, went 6/8 for 43 yards.

8:24: We'll start with the second half log here. First half was well played, but very unemotional. Stupid penalties, Chad avoiding a hit and committing a fumble and -- let's be honest -- the Colts depth was being even after the Bengals varsity sat. Let's see how the second half develops.