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Around the SB Football Nation, week 1

After the Bengals game I needed to lay down for a bit. I developed this kink in my back after rocking back and forth and standing up like I'm listening to Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. Since CBS claimed they couldn't show anymore NFL coverage past 4:15 -- do these crank-bags know no bounds? -- I missed the conclusion to the Tennessee/NY Jets game. It was only bonus coverage so I can't be too upset.

Never the less, I flipped to the Cowboys/Jaguars game. This peaked my interest slightly because I have Terrell Owens on my fantasy team -- I know, I know. Drew Bledsoe confirmed what I've known for a long time; he will never win big-games/championships. The Jags ended up beating the Cowboys, 24-17.
Blogging the Boys
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Here's more around the league -- my observations and blogging community notes.

I had a friend that was once a Bears fan but converted to become a Steelers fan -- and he's lived in Cincy most his life. Anyway, one thing that makes most of my friends laugh is Rex Grossman as the "man" in chi-town. Well, maybe it's still funny, but he made the Packers look like a junior varsity squad from Colorado; 18-26 for 262 yards and a 49-yard touchdown.
Visit Windy City Gridiron for more.

Sean Yuille predicts the Lions will go 7-9 for the season. Head back, if you're interested, for a recap with the Kitna led Lions offense. Shrug, it seems, is still shaking nervously after being "lucky" to get out with a 9-6 win.

Will New England's season see a revised offense? The running backs they have should make the team a little less Brady-dependent -- which nearly cost them the game. There's nothing wrong with taking less pressure off the QB.

The SportsGuru does a wonderful job breaking down the game at Mile High Report as the Broncos lose to St. Louis 18-10. SportsGuru was impressed with St. Louis coach not running score up. Have to agree there. I guess we're all adjusting to a Martz-less St. Louis team that got more wood running up the score than a log cabin.

The Browns were on the receiving end of the Bush experience. Next week they'll be on the receiving end of a dominating offense and a defense that sacked the quarterback seven times. There's nothing more American than trash talk.

Vikings and Redskins are tomorrow. You can find quality content about the Steelers Thursday night gift (err. win) at BtSC.

Now, I'm on my way to Stampede Blue to talk some Sunday Night football.