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More on Geathers/Green -- no fine?

UPDATE: Mark Curnutte's blog indicates we could hear about any penalty or fines handed down to Geathers' by Friday.

Defensive end Robert Geathers will learn by Friday whether the NFL will fine him for the hit on Kansas City quarterback Trent Green. Lewis had no comment on Geathers' hit.
Sorry I'm harping on this, but I found these pictures of the hit not provided by YouTube.

Kennison blocking Geathers

(click on picture for full size)

Result of block-in-the-back on Geathers

(click on picture for full size)
(credit goes to Ravonaf at Go-Bengals)

You know what I think. What are your thoughts?

Chris Mortenson (ESPN Insider) shares his perspective.

Upon further review, Kansas City Chiefs GM Carl Peterson probably won't be happy with what he hears out of the league office later today. It's highly unlikely that Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers will be fined for his hit on Chiefs quarterback Trent Green, who was released from the hospital two days after suffering a severe concussion.

A review of the game tape and the actual rule appear to have cleared Geathers from wrongdoing.

The various angles do confirm that Geathers was being blocked in the back by Chiefs receiver Eddie Kennison and the contact forced him in a downward momentum into Green.

Even without being pushed, Geathers may have gotten a pass. The quarterback protection rule on a scramble does not go into effect until the quarterback is down -- not when he starts his slide, as many have said. (Also noted is that Green already had run for a couple of first downs.)