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Thursday morning coffee

I've heard from Bengals fans returning from Pittsburgh after a Steelers/Bengals game say that Heinz field was very inhospitable. I've heard the same from Steelers fans about Paul Brown Stadium; especially during the wild-card game after Carson Palmer went down.

But what do Saints fans think about Browns fans?

After planning this trip, looking forward all summer to visiting a city I had never been and driving 18 hours, my friends and I had to leave before the end of the game because we feared for our safety after seeing the fights breaking out in the upper deck, being spit on and having beer thrown on us.


Brian Simmons says of Sam Adams:

"There's no question that Sam has been a difference for us," Simmons said. "It did seem like that (on Sunday) there weren't as many linemen getting to the second level. But, they had a more perimeter running game and it wasn't so much power and the other guys are playing well, too. As good as Sam has been, those other guys are playing their butts off."

Sunday's game will include two ginormous celestial bodies at PBS.
Together, they weigh 715 pounds, have played in 396 games over a combined 29 NFL seasons and have the surnames of the first two U.S. presidents.

Chad's going to be a busy man this weekend. However, Toni Grossi isn't impressed.

ESPN's John Clayton said not fining Robert Geathers was a "good call".

Good call: The NFL made the right decision in not fining Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers because he did appear to be trying to avoid a helmet-to-helmet hit on Chiefs quarterback Trent Green. Geathers caught him with his shoulder, and Green suffered a severe concussion when the back of his helmet hit the ground hard. The NFL can fine for little things, and the league could have taken the position Geathers was angling for a hard hit on the sliding quarterback. By taking into account the push in the back by Eddie Kennison and the late slide by Green, the league was right to take a pass on a fine.