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Non-Bengals Rant

I just want to take the time out and point out something that desperately needs to change in college football. This is in response to the latest news that Reggie Bush's family "received $100,000 in benefits"

The college game has made tremendous strides creating a brand that is, in a way, the NFL-lite. There is so much money changing hands. From multi-billion dollar television contracts to bowl game payouts to sponsorships you see in ads, only the players resemble the spirit of amateur athletics.

What's the reason they don't pay the players?

For the major colleges, football brings in tremendous revenue for their institutions. Pay every single NCAA Division IA player the same flat rate. Create a payroll fund that's distributed from a percentage of the NCAA (like they don't have it) and the television contracts per conference. There's money out there, put it together. There will not be a bidding war for players and it's universal for everyone keeping the integrity of "parity" -- I think it exists.

Rather than punishing players that find the gift of money all too inviting, let's give the players a great reason to deny these gifts; because they don't need it. If a player DOES deserve the ridiculous stranglehold the NCAA has on the players, then that's their fault.

Stepping off soup box now.