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Game Day: Bengals (1-0) vs. Browns (0-1)

Keep checking back for updates leading up to and throughout the "Battle of Ohio".

Battle of Ohio (version 66) at The Jungle
When: 1 p.m.
Broadcasting: CBS with Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots
See what Dawgs by Nature is saying.

Mark Curnutte reports that T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Levi Jones are inactive against the Browns. Eric Steinbach will play left tackle and Andrew Whitworth will start at left guard. Chris Henry will start for T.J. Other inactives include Greg Brooks, Ahmad Brooks, A.J. Nicholson, Antonio Chatman and Frostee Rucker.

I guess eventually I'll have an "open thread" post, but I really don't have enough visitors that talk to run one. If you wanna chat, comment here instead of an "open thread".

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4:19: They are bringing the cart out for Perry while he's on the sideline. Game over, Bengals win 34-17. Something could be wrong with his right knee.

4:18: Tab Perry is limping off the field. He's hopping off not putting on any pressure on his right foot. Palmer takes a knee.

4:16: The Bengals are doing a horrible job closing this game out. I know, I said game over. But on 3rd down, the Bengals call a passing play that resulted into an interception. Bodden returned the ball to the Cincinnati 22-yard line. Frye passed it over the middle for 11, a personal foul on Bryan Robinson, and then he ran in for a four-yard touchdown. Bengals up 34-17.

All I'm saying is that Rudi is running all over the Browns defense. Let him try for the yardage. If he gets it, like his average would indicate, then the Bengals run the clock out.

4:12: Chad's ok. He has a nasty cut on his chin. Blood all over his jersey. Probably will need stitches. Football. I love it. Still a horrible call. Run the ball and bring it to the two minute warning.

4:10: Chad Johnson got ripped up. On 3rd and 7, Palmer threw to Chad Johnson and was picked off after Johnson was lit up. Bodden picked off the pass and Johnson is still on the ground. MOTHER FU-_____. We're up 34-10 with a little over than 2 minutes left in the game and WE THROW IT? I understand if we complete it, the game is over. Instead, Chad is on the ground after being ripped up (helmet was knocked off at the point of impact) and the Browns now have the ball. BAD CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:06: Nice play by James knocking down a pass that would have converted a first down. The legendary Charlie Frye, on fourth and six over-throws Braylon Edwards and the Bengals have the ball. I think, with the scoring being 34-10 and only 3:36 left in the game, this game is over.

4:03: It's now "garbage time". The time for the Browns offense to get some yards against ta Bengals prevent defense. Caleb Miller made another tackle. He's a quick linebacker against in coverage. Done well today.

3:58: RUDI JOHNSON TOUCHDOWN. Nine yards out of the end-zone, Palmer takes the snap and hands off to Rudi. Bobbie Williams takes his man and Willie pushes his guy out. Jeremi Johnson came up the middle and took out the linebacker, Rudi made #27 miss, and wa-la. Touchdown. Rudi says, "all day long". Bengals up 34-10. Rudi has 24 rushes for 142 yards and two touchdowns.

3:51: RUDI JOHNSON TOUCHDOWN. Johnson, one first-and-goal at the one, ran a dive for a score. Rudi Johnson has 118 yards and a touchdown. Bengals winning 27-10. Nice job by the Bengals to respond to the Browns touchdown. That's the mark of a champ.

3:49: RUDI ON A ROLL. After Washington made some nice moves making defenders miss for 18-yards converting a third to a first down, Rudi Johnson gains 15 yards and then 10. Then Palmer throws up to Henry. Pass interference on Browns #24; Bengals have ball on one-yard line now.

3:46: Henry catch a four-yard pass and was wrestled down. Refs missed a late hit as Baxter (?) piled down onto Henry. Bad no-call. Then Lee Bodden almost picked off a pass to Chad Johnson. Bodden has played very well today.

3:44: On the Bengals first play of the 11th posession, Stacey Andrews came in and lined up at tight end on the left. While he blocked down, Whitworth and Eric Steinbach pulled and created a small lane for Rudi to run 20-yards. Browns player down on the play. 13:06 left in the game.

3:40: Browns get a touchdown. On first and goal, Frye passed to the back of the right corner of the end-zone. It went incomplete however Landon Johnson was called for roughing the passer. Just an observation, when Landon hit Frye, his shoulder pads hit the QB on the button -- not below the knee which the penalty was called for. It was a bad penalty and it looked like the ref called it because Frye's back bowed a little. Bengals lead, 20-10.

3:34: Braylon Edwards just blew past "toast", Tory James, and Kevin K. wasn't even CLOSE to being over the top. Kevin K. grabbed Edwards and rode for about 12-yards. However, as Edwards went down, it appeared close to whether or not he fumbled the ball out of the end-zone. That's probably stretching a little bit. It was a 75-yard pass. James was just pwned.

3:31: On 3rd-and-10, Chris Henry made a nice catch and run for 38-yards. But it was on 2nd-and-10, that stalled this drive at the Browns 12-yard line. Browns #21 lined up between Eric G. and Andrew Whitworth (both guys in for injured players; Steinbach moving to left tackle). Whitworth, instead of blocking #21, looked to the outside while Eric G. blocked to his right opening #21 for an immediate hit on Palmer. Eric G. should have pointed that out and defined who should have blocked who. The sack forced the Bengals into a 3rd-and-17. Palmer incompleted the pass as he rolled out right feeling pressure and Shayne Graham kicked a 37-yard field goal putting the Bengals up 20-3.

3:20: #16 for the Browns is an idiot. On punt return, Ratliff stands at the 10 and decides to back pedal to the 7-yard line. #16 for the Browns runs through Ratliff before Keiwan can catch the ball. The best part? The Bengals would have started on the 7. Now they start on the 23. Thanks #16.

3:16: Well, the Bengals offense went three and out after the gift from Frye. Palmer was sacked after an end-tackle stunt on the offensive line; Williams didn't pick up the end. That set up a 2-19 putting the Bengals off-schedule. Rudi ran for 8-yards and a blitzing Browns defense forced Palmer to throw a timing pattern way out of bounds. Punt.

3:11: BENGALS RECOVER FUMBLE. Simmons lining up over the middle flew past the linemen into Charlie Frye who was trying to handoff. Simmons made contact with Frye before the QB could get to the RB forcing the ball loose. Thornton jumped on the loose ball. Bengals ball. Who-Dey. This defense truly owns the Browns offense.

3:06: Palmer over-threw Chad Johnson on 3rd-and-eight. Johnson was mauled by Bodden which made Chad lose his balance for a second throwing the timing off of the pattern. Palmer ended up over-throwing Johnson nearly picked off. The Bengals haven't converted their last six third downs for first downs (one at the end of half that went for a field goal).

3:01: Injury update. David Pollack taken to the hospital. Jackson and Braham are now officially out.

2:57: End around by Northcut for 16-yards, combined with a Williams late hit gave the Browns 30-yards on one play. Awful. Browns had 3rd and 1, play-action, to Heiden (wide open) and Jeanty puts up his hand and barely tipped it; enough for an incomplete and punt. Who-Dey.

2:45: JUST A REMINDER, just ignore my spelling mistakes. I'm doing this and updating my notebooks. So sometimes I'm going 114 WPM on the keyboard. :)

Bengals offense looks good, but are making way too many pre-snap penalties.

Palmer is 17/25 for 242 yards and two touchdowns. Rudi Johnson has 12-carries for 58 yards. My half-time surprise of the game is Kelly Washington catching four passes for 59-yards and a touchdown. Two of his catches converted third downs to first.

Defense looks nice. Coverage is even better. Hello Kellen? You there? Hello.........

2:37: After John Thornton tipped a pass that landed into the hands of Brian Simmons; the Bengals offense had a chance to take advantage after the interception. After a great 18-yard pass to Kelly Washington that cancelled out a coverage sack earlier, the Bengals offense got as close as the 24-yard line. Palmer was called for a delay of game and called Kenny Watson's number (draw) for 10-yards setting up a 37-yard yard field goal.

First half completed, Bengals leading 17-3

2:24: Dexter Jackson is hurt pretty bad on the play. He twisted his own ankle. Looks like he might be ok. He's softly walking on it under his own power. Good sign. Probably just a sprain.

2:17: Bengals defense looks good today. Droughns has only 16 yards on nine carries and Frye is struggling to find someone open against a secondary that's mugging receivers. Browns putter put some serious English on his punt out at the one-yard line.

2:13: The Bengals are shooting themselves in the foot as much as they are making big plays. A false start on Chris Henry puts them back at 1st and 15 on the Cincinnati 43. After Rudi lost 2-yards to the left, Palmer threw a PERFECT pass to Chris Henry who pulled it over his shoulder for 43-yards. After that, Palmer got sacked rolling out to the right -- Palmer ran right into him. After an incomplete to Henry, Palmer shovels it to Tab for 4-yards. Graham missed a 44-yard field goal as the Bengals got ZERO on this drive.

2:06: Palmer passed to Chad for a 13-yard completion. He officially has a "bruised" shoulder.

2:03: Quick three-and-out and the Bengals have the ball again. O'Neal had GREAT coverage knocking down a slant pass to Edwards. REPORT: Ratliff trying out for "Dancing with the Stars".

2:00: INJURY REPORT. Braham, left knee injury. Return is questionable. David Pollack earlier had a "head" injury and is also questionable.

1:55: Rich Braham is hurt. Eric G. will no doubt come in at least one play and longer depending on the severity of his injury.

1:50: End of the first quarter. The Bengals rushing game looks very good. Rudi has rushed eight times for 49 yards. Palmer ain't doing so bad himself going 8/12 for 124 yards and two touchdowns. Defense looks real good stopping Droughns around the LOS and secondary covering well.

1:45: On the last drive, Palmer went 4-7, 62 yards and a touchdown. Rudi, five-carries for 27 yards.

1:41: BENGALS TOCHDOWN, Chad Johnson. Bengals lead 14-3. Bengals go 14-play 96-yards for a Chad Johnson chicken dance touchdown. Chad went to the back left corner of the end-zone to pick up Palmers pass.

1:27: After Droughns ran twice for four yards, Frye threw the pass away as he rolled out right trying to escape soft pressure. Great job by the secondary to force the field goal and GREAT JOB by the defense to stop the Browns from getting anymore than three points after the turnover. Bengals lead 7-3

1:24: Reggie Kelly juggled a pass by Palmer into the hands of Davis. Got to catch those.

1:18: Pollack looks like he lowered his head on collision. After the hit, Pollack collapsed. Thumbs up and he was moving his legs and arms. Hopefully, it's just a nasty stinger and he'll be back next week.

1:14: David Pollack is laying on the ground injured after making a tackle on Reuben Droughns after he picked up 10-yards. Droughns on his first run of the game was stuffed by John Thornton losing 2-yards. They are bringing a stretcher out for Pollack.

1:11: On the last drive, Chris Henry made some great blocks and as did the offensive linemen between the guards on Rudi Johnson's runs.

1:08: BENGALS TOUCHDOWN, leading 7-0. Reggie Kelly was the feature receiver for the first two passes covering 35 yards. Rudi Johnson ran twice for 18-yards and Kelly Washington got to do his custom squirrel dance in the end-zone. Note to CBS: Show the dance next time and don't pull away from the greatest TD celebration of all-time. Thanks.

1:02: Bengals win coin toss for the first time in 2006 (including pre-season). Bad omen? The Bengals have loss every coin toss since game #1 of the pre-season; they are 5-0. Bengals in all white.

1:00: Game time is here.