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Bengals injuries

The cost suffered by the Bengals on their way to a 34-17 win, was big.

  • David Pollack left the field, immobile on the stretcher, and was taken to University hospital for more tests. He had movement in his arms and legs and they are calling it a "head" and/or "neck" injury.
  • Dexter Jackson suffered a nasty ankle roll and are calling it a sprain. He never came back into the game.
  • Same thing for Rich Braham. The ol' grizzly veteran center suffered a "Bone Bruise" on the knee and was carted off the field. HE never came back into the game.
  • At the end of the game on a kickoff return, Tab Perry came out after a short 2-3 yard return putting zero weight on his right leg. They were looking at his right knee as the cart came out to pick up Perry while on the sidelines.
Injury is affecting this team big-time. Bad news heading into "Pittsburgh week".