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Bengals win, 34-17. Initial Impressions

Notes and points.

  • Bengals offense gained 481 total-yards on offense; 160-rushing, 321-passing.
  • Carson Palmer was sacked four times.
  • Injury. Injury. Injury.
  • Three wide receivers got five receptions or more; Chad Johnson (6), Chris Henry (5), Kelly Washington (5).
  • After recording seven sacks against the Chiefs, the Bengals recorded zero sacks against the Browns.
  • The Bengals converted their first five third down situations for first. After that, then went 3-for-10.
  • Bengals dominated time of possession, 34:05 to 25:55.
  • The Bengals had two drives with ten plays or more (11, 14). They had three drives that covered over 75-yards or more (92, 75, 80).
  • Bengals defense allowed 57 rushing yards on 13 carries. Very nice.
  • Bengals offense earned 27-first downs compared to the Browns 17-first downs.