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Penalty Breakdown against the Browns

The Bengals, before the "Battle of Ohio", didn't commit more than six penalties for the past seven regular-season games -- since Indianapolis. At the game's finish, Cincinnati committed five pre-snap penalties; four of which were false starts. Bryan Robinson and Madieu Williams (refs incorrectly called Brian Simmons' number) committed personal fouls and one no-name holding foul was called on kickoff return.

Here's the breakdown.

  • Holding on kickoff return. No name announced.
  • Eric Steinbach, false start
  • Carson Palmer (2), false start and delay of game
  • Chris Henry, false start
  • Ethan Kilmer, false start on punt
  • Madieu Williams, personal foul (late hit)
  • Landon Johnson, roughing the passer (hitting the QB below the knee)
  • Bryan Robinson, personal foul
  • Willie Anderson 2 (false start, holding)
  • Carson Palmer 2 (false start and delay of game)
  • Kenny Watson (chop block)
  • Shayne Graham (delay of game)
  • Eric Steinbach (false start)
  • Chris Henry, false start)
  • Ethan Kilmer (false start on punt)
  • Madieu Williams (personal foul -- late hit)
  • Landon Johnson, (roughing the passer -- hitting the QB below the knee)
  • Bryan Robinson (personal foul)
  • one penalty with 12-men in the huddle.
  • one holding foul on kickoff return, no name given.
  • Browns, 9
  • Chiefs, 5