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Broken vertebrae?

There's concern that David Pollack MAY have broken a vertebrae in his neck. I'm sure we'll hear more during this afternoon's press conference. There's a lot of concern about his injury and if it will be "life changing".

This afternoon's press conference should detail the injuries with updates.

UPDATE: Found this at Mark Curnutte's blog -- a letter from Pollack's wife. Here's a paragraph.

Davey did break his neck- I hate how that sounds though. He fractured his C6, for those of you who know what that is, but he is so blessed to have feeling everywhere! The doctors have put him in a Halo brace to stabilize him. He is able to move from the chest down, so he can sit up, eat, walk, etc. Right now we are just in a waiting period. We won't know for a little bit whether surgery has to be an option or not. We are hopeful that he won't have to have surgery and that he will be able to wear the brace and the bone repair itself. We just have to wait and see how his neck responds to the Halo for the next week or so.