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It's official: Pollack out for season, "neck injury"

Update [2006-9-18 18:6:13 by Kirkendall]:: Since no confirmation was made regarding Pollack's injury, other than it being a "neck injury", I think you should take the below letter as a grain of salt. Believe it. Or not. It's on Mark's blog; so I imagine it has some form of oversight being allowed to remain. But since no confirmation was made, I just advise you to be cautious on the information being distributed regarding Pollack's injury.

Mark Curnutte reports:

David Pollack will be placed on the injured reserve list, which ends his season as a player, after breaking his neck during the Bengals game Sunday.

The second-year linebacker suffered a severe neck trauma when he hit Browns running back Reuben Droughns in the shoulder pad with the top of his helmet early in the first quarter.

Pollack will be placed on Injured Reserve during the week.


Update [2006-9-18 15:26:22 by Kirkendall]:: Let me emphasis that it was NOT confirmed as a broken neck by Marvin -- but if you know Marvin, you know what he says and what happens can be two completely different things. Also, Bengals starting center Rich Braham and strong safety, Dexter Jackson, are both out Sunday against the Steelers.

I truly hope that he can get back on the saddle; not for football, but for his own life and family. Get well David. Don't worry about the team; they'll rally around you now.