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The longest injury update ever

  • Marvin Lewis said that David Pollack's injury isn't career threatening and expect him back next season. Makes you doubt whether or not he suffered a broken neck like what was reported earlier. Marvin said "there was no damage to the spinal cord at all." Marvin said "he is up and around" and said he'll "be around here as quickly as he can, which will probably be by the end of the week."
  • A.J. Nicholson will be "limited" with a hamstring injury.
  • Antonio Chatman is "getting better" but will get a better idea on Wednesday. Same goes for T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
  • Rich Braham will be out Sunday against Pittsburgh and could be much longer than that.
  • Dexter Jackson COULD be out Sunday. "We'll see how he is Wednesday, but right now we're not anticipating Dexter."
  • Levi Jones is "a lot better" and should play Sunday.
  • Tab Perry "might play" Sunday but was on crutches Monday afternoon. Marvin said we'll get a better idea where we're at come Wednesday. Perry suffered a hip injury.
  • Hobson reports on Chad Johnson:
Wide receiver Chad Johnson said Monday he can't raise his arm above his shoulder after he hit the turf catching his touchdown pass, but said he'll be OK. He had also regained his sensibilities after Browns safety Brian Rusell hit him in the chin, saying it was not only a clean hit but the hardest one he's taken.