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McNeal activated?

Injury is a funny thing. It can create inspiration that propels teams to championships and it can dog a team into the cellar. Injury moved a no-name returner into an elite top-five running back that gained 145 yards last week.

The latest injury to David Pollack provided the chance for a practice squad player to capitalize with a roster spot. Some figured it would be Ben Wilkerson with the injury to starting center, Rich Braham; maybe John Busing to help a suddenly questionable safety group; maybe Glenn Holt to help a banged up wide receiver group.

Geoff Hobson reports that Reggie McNeal was signed from the practice squad.

Hobson makes a good point in that T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Antonio Chatman and Tab Perry could realistically be inactive against Pittsburgh Sunday. Chatman and Houshmandzadeh haven't played a down this regular season and Tab Perry was injured in a late-game kickoff return that should have never happened.

I think McNeal is the right choice. He can return kicks, become a #4-5 receiver and even become the #3 quarterback. I was excited earlier to see what McNeal can do -- but we'll see.