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Who-Dey: Bengals will use Sunday

There are angles galore for Sunday's game against the Steelers. The Steelers coming off being dominated against Jacksonville are set to rebound. The Bengals, while feeling cheated with unfinished business, are set for revenge. No matter how players, coaches and fans spin this, it's NOT just another regular season game; it's about pride, redemption and finishing business.

With all intense rivalry aside, the Bengals will get a meaningful idea of how deep their depth truly is as backup players will get the chance to play Sunday.

Who-Dey has been a Bengals chant for decades. Marvin Lewis is reminding Bengals players that Bill Cowher's disrespectful "we-dey" chant needs to be answered.

Even Chad Johnson is getting into trash talking act -- "playfully".

"Somebody does have to pay for that," Johnson said, playfully, before Cincinnati Bengals practice Wednesday. "My jaw hurts. My stitches are bothering me. My head hurts. I couldn't find my way home that night. Somebody has to pay, so I think the person to pick, obviously, is the mouth of their team, and that would be (linebacker Joey) Porter.

"So, 'Joey, you're going to have to meet me at the 50-yard line, and we can get it on.' "

Johnson said he and Porter actually are friends. Asked if he agreed with Sports Illustrated's assertion that Porter is the most feared player in the NFL, Johnson laughed and said, "No, I'll take him any day."

Even Carson Palmer is pumped up. Not because he was hurt last season, but because they are the natural enemy.