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I Wonder after Pittsburgh

I wonder...

  • If Joey Porter's 20 second rant at mid-field before the game Sunday was the most he was on television Sunday. CBS aired a shouting match between Porter and Chad Johnson leading into the game coverage. Porter was shouting, "You wish you were me." For the game, Porter had one assisted tackle and a pass defensed.
  • Who made the NFL schedule? This week, Dallas, Kansas City, Oakland and San Diego had a bye week. Why after only two games should an NFL team have a bye week? Now all four teams have to play 14 straight weeks. Arizona, Carolina, N.Y. Jets and Philadelphia will have a bye week at the beginning of November. Seems awfully unfair that one set of teams are forced to play every week from here on out in such a young season while other teams get off a little past the half-way mark. Why not make week eight a standard off-week for the entire NFL?  Perhaps during the World Series weekend so baseball can have some of their fame and the NFL can retain the definition of parity.
  • If this sack extravaganza will continue against the Bengals offensive line. Last season, Carson Palmer was sacked an impressive 19 times all season. After three games, Palmer has been dropped 11 times. Upon further review, since Eric Ghiaciuc replaced Rich Braham, Palmer has suffered ten of his eleven sacks.
  • If Kevin Kaesviharn having the third most tackles on the defense is a bad omen.
  • If Keiwan Ratliff will return a punt -- not fair catch -- where the defenders are more than ten yards away.
  • If T.J. Houshmandzadeh, having already missed two games, will become the team's reception and yardage leader after next week.
  • If complaining about your own coaches and play-calling is specific to Miami Hurricane tight ends. After Kellen Winslow called out Cleveland's play calling against Cincinnati, Jeremy Shockey called out head coach Tom Coughlin Sunday. Shockey said "We got outplayed and outcoached. Write that down." I would normally say this was a harmless comment if he hadn't done it publicly. All this does is cast a coach vs. player storyline that only creates adversity. Perhaps these guys should air their dirty air privately -- perhaps man o' man -- rather than hiding behind the public eye AFTER the controversy comes up.