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Are the Steelers feeling sorry for themselves?

I understand, and partially agree, that the Steelers did more to themselves to lose than the Bengals offense did. At the same time, I think anytime a quarterback throws for four touchdowns, it also means your defense let the touchdowns happen.

Sure, the Bengals offense was given prime field position off Pittsburgh's mistakes. But at last check, the Steelers still put out eleven on defense and those eleven didn't knock down Palmer's pass in the end-zone. They didn't intercept a pass when it mattered and THEY didn't secure the ball. Big Ben threw three interceptions, but Bengals players came up with those picks.

Now the Steelers players are feeling awfully sorry for themselves (these are champions?)

"Yeah, it does hurt, because it was nothing they did that beat us," Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward said. "It's something we did -- the turnovers."

"The better team didn't win," Parker said, flatly.

Are you kidding me? Is this your first season in the NFL? Just because you're the better team, it doesn't mean you'll win games. Look at the Colts who won 13 games last season an d lost in their first playoff game.

But Joe Starkey believes the bigger issue was keeping Ricardo Colclough on the punt return team.

You don't have to be a coach, scout or player to know this much about Colclough:


ColClough is manning up though. It was all on him. "I just took my eyes my off the ball, trying to see where the defenders were, so I could try to find somewhere to go and make something happen," Colclough said. "At the time, the wind wasn't really blowing. That was on me."

Ron Cook, however, does think the better team won.

Maybe they had it right in Cincinnati after all. Maybe their Bengals would have beaten the Steelers in that January playoff game if Carson Palmer hadn't been hurt. The Bengals clearly were the better team yesterday at Heinz Field with Palmer. As poorly as the Steelers played, it would have been a crime if they had somehow forced overtime and pulled out a win.