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ESPN Dumps Jason Whitlock.

I'll admit, I've never been a Jason Whitlock fan. I think his views and columns are more designed to create reaction rather than thought (that's the price I pay for genius status).

However, Whitlock left the degrading and dying ESPN Page 2 for AOL Sports. At first, that only meant he would write for AOL but still appear on ESPN's television programs. Until...

The World Wide Leader dumped me Monday afternoon because of critical comments I made about Mike Lupica and Scoop Jackson in a blog interview that ran on Friday.

Here are Whitlock's comments on Lupica... Big Lead:

Lupica is an insecure, mean-spirited busybody. He's upset because I put a clown suit on him on that show and in a follow-up column I wrote for ESPN. His little disingenuous overreaction to an opinion I'd stated previously on the show was staged to try to put me in a bad light. I guess no one had ever informed Mike that the E in ESPN stood for Entertainment. The Little Fella probably won't let the producer (Joe Valerio) have me back on the show again. That's cool. They're mostly upset that I wouldn't participate in their Barry Bonds witch hunt and help them single Bonds out as the creator of steroids. Lupica doesn't like to be disagreed with, and he's spoken so abusively to that producer for years that the producer probably doesn't realize people are allowed to disagree with Lupica. I enjoyed my time on the show. But if the price of admission is stepping to Lupica's drum, I'm more than happy to go without.