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Caleb Miller -- the Superstar

Jokingly, Bengals linebacker Caleb Miller said:

"I'm bigger than anything," Miller deadpanned. "I thought I saw some paparazzi in my rearview mirror. I put on my sunglasses.

"The fame and fortune, it's too much to handle."

The story of Ethan Kilmer is a cool one. Kilmer, the Bengals 2006 7th round draft pick, wasn't only a long shot to make the team, but he didn't even play high school football and was a walk-on at Penn State.

"My initial reason for going to Penn State was because of my major," explained Kilmer. "They didn't have a lot in the health field down at Shippensburg and that is really what I wanted to get into. But I have always been a Penn State football fan and I wanted to try something new so I gave it a shot and things worked out for me."

You think?