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Chad Johnson's good natured trash talking

I've been saying for a long time, if you can't find the humor in Chad Johnson's weekly chit-chat antics, then you really misunderstand Chad. When he talks, he does it in fun. Other than Brian Russell, most opponents know that and enjoy it. Some people don't see that and think he's an egomaniac that's just full of himself. He's really not like that. He's a good guy, very modest (until you put a camera in his face) and is very responsive to fans.

You saw it in the pre-game against Pittsburgh as Chad and Hines Ward chatted having a good laugh. The banter back and forth between Chad and Joey Porter didn't even look authentic; I thought they were about to crack up. But I knew they were buds, so maybe it was just me seeing it humorous rather than serious.

Anyway, Chad is at it again.

"Can I talk trash so you can relay the message?" Johnson said.

"You tell 37 (Rodney Harrison) I'll knock his helmet off. You tell Asante (Samuel) he continues to have help for all four quarters or his (uniform number) 22 is going to be 55. Isn't that what it looks like upside down? Wait a minute, I'm not done. Tell Junior (Seau) when I'm done with him . . . Never mind, I'm not going to pick on Junior, that's not a good one. I can get hurt there."

Don't worry, most of the times when Johnson calls out a player, he does it mostly because he respects them.

"Rodney is one of those guys that I sit down and talk to every pregame for 20 to 25 minutes on keeping my head clean, just staying focused. It's more of a father-son talk every time I talk to Rodney. We first talked two years ago, before we played them preseason, (and) he gave me some great advice, (about) just staying on a straight line and staying focused and staying out of trouble, and if I'm in the headlines, make sure it's for something positive."

Most players see it as good natured rather than disrespect. Alonzo Shavers, Asante Samuel's agent said:

"The last time they played (in 2004), Asante was a little insulted that Chad talked about (Tyrone) Poole and not him," Shavers said with a laugh.