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Hanging with Chad

Great interview from Michael Silver at

Silver: I know you love to talk trash -- you and Joey Porter put on a quite a show every time you play. Is there one opponent you're really looking forward to facing this season?

Johnson: Yeah, Joey and I have this thing where we meet at the 50 before every game and let each other have it nonstop. Away from the field I love the guy, but when we get in that situation, watch out. And Troy [Polamalu] is always nudging me and hitting me during games, but he freaks me out because he never talks. I'm like, "Damn, Troy, what the f---?" Then I hear him interviewed and crack up: He's a beast on the field and he sounds like Michael Jackson.

"Other than the Steelers, who are the obvious answer, all I can think about is Atlanta [on Oct. 29], when I get to play DeAngelo Hall. He and I talk every week, but they aren't regular conversations. We're talking trash and going at it the entire time -- both of us talking at once, neither one of us listening. Then, when we're about to hang up, we tell each other, "Stay blessed. Stay healthy." That's the only decent part of the whole conversation.