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Respect shows between Bengals/Pats

Bill Belichick's comments about Paul Brown summarizes just how influential Brown was in the game of football.

"Paul Brown, really, to me, he's the father of pro football," said Belichick, who'll coach the Patriots at the Cincinnati Bengals' Paul Brown Stadium tomorrow. "There's so many things that he did as a coach with the Browns and the Bengals, it's what we do now. He was half a (century) ahead of his time in so many areas: preparation, plays, techniques, communication, nomenclature. Pretty much everything that is done in the NFL, he did."

The Bengals model their "plan" to the Pats.

The difference in days leading up to Pittsburgh and New England couldn't be more different. The Bengals/Steelers rivalry is getting termed "heated" or even "hated". But the Bengals/Pats match-up is showing the amount of respect both teams have for each other -- we're hearing nothing but praise from both camps.