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Tuesday morning coffee

Quincy Wilson's 128 yards against the Colts Friday night wasn't what earned him a roster spot. It was his effort on special teams.

"This is a real solid stable of backs here, Kenny (Watson), Chris (Perry) and Rudi (Johnson), once they're all healthy, and J.J. (fullback Jeremi Johnson)," Wilson said Monday afternoon, before the Bengals practiced in preparation for the regular-season opener Sunday at Kansas City. "It was the best opportunity on special teams. I went in there with (special teams coach) Darrin (Simmons) and getting on all four special teams."

Wilson, tied with the Giants' running back Brandon Jacobs, led the NFL this pre-season with 217 rushing yards. If he resembles Rudi Johnson it's because he models his game after him. It's why he's quickly being known as a "mini-Rudi"; some fans are comfortable with Wilson taking over at running back if Rudi would fall to injury.

Like Wilson, After Rashad Jeanty told his mom he made the team she "couldn't say anything, she was screaming so much," Jeanty said. "Probably (lasted) a good 30 seconds."

With the uncertainty of David Pollack's health (see: Chris Perry) and Thurman's four-game suspension, there's even a chance Jeanty could start Sunday.

  • Bengals tight ends are blockers first.
  • DeDe Dorsey was one the Bengals had hoped would clear waivers to put on their practice squad. He was picked up by the Colts.
  • Reggie McNeal is expected to become the eighth practice squad player.
  • John Busing using practice squad as an opportunity.