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Geathers signs monster extension -- Smith next?

On Wednesday, Robert-dont-call-me-Jumpy-Geathers signed a monster deal for, what I believe, is a very limited sample size. Having completed his third season, Geathers has recorded 17 career sacks -- including 10.5 sacks in the most recent.

Willie Anderson gave Geathers a tremendous vote of confidence.

"Here’s a guy you never know he’s around until he goes out and gets two sacks on Sunday," Anderson said. "A great character guy. It’s a great thing to get not only those young fresh legs, but a guy with a veteran mind. I’m happy for Robert because he’s a solid guy who has worked for it."

The Bengals are making an effort to sign Justin Smith as, what appears to be, the final large pay free agent signing.

Are the Bengals spending too much? Is re-signing Justin Smith a good move?