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Lewis to Pittsburgh? Are you an idiot?

I find it odd that the Marvin Lewis going to Pittsburgh speculation got so much play. Yet, I understand why. I didn't hear local radio initiate the discussion; just the radio guys shooting down that notion. It's illogical for Mike Brown to allow Lewis out of his contract to coach the Steelers. Brown has very little room with veteran Bengals fans to make a move that idiotic. Therefore, no one believes it will happen.

Well, he could go home.

Some say this is a powerful motivator (see, Ken Griffey Jr.). Others say it's a convenient excuse to get a massive pay raise (see, Mark Dantonio). Home is a place that reflects warm memories. Home is a "happy place" that made you feel comfortable. Nothing more, nothing less. I find it selfish that a college coach would dump kids so he can go home -- and by chance, get paid 20 times more. Not only did you break your promise with the university, but you broke it to the kids -- for money. Basically you lied to everyone. Take note of Nick Satan. He's the football version of Larry Brown. There's no virtue of honor acting like pirate looking for loot and women to pillage. I don't blame people for ditching their contract and lying to the press to make more money someplace else. I just don't have to call that person honorable.

I find the "go home" argument ridiculous. Let's play in pretend world like many do. If Mark Dantonio received a contract offer less than what Cincinnati proposed before losing him, would have Dantonio left? I doubt it. Money is a much more powerful motivator than "going home". I don't care who you are. Neither of which add to the character of a person when lying about your plans to stay. Telling your coaching staff you're leaving by speaker phone and telling the players via email is as cowardly as it comes, don't you agree Nick?

A post at AOL Fanhouse titled, "Marvin Lewis Surprisingly Not Headed To Pittsburgh" blamed talk radio for instigating the rumor. Talk radio is designed to discuss these topics. Lewis going to Pittsburgh is viewed as an answer to a simple addition equation. You have to consider it -- therefore talk radio should discuss it. Lewis came from the Pittsburgh area and was hired by Bill Cowher as an assistant coach -- the go home factor. You also have to consider, the Steelers didn't want to pay Cowher top-coach money. Therefore, you crush the money motivator.

Let me first be clear about this. THERE WAS NO RUMOR. No team said anything. No sources close said anything; it was a bunch of bored fans putting two and two together. That's not a rumor, it's speculation adjusting Lewis' history combined with the "coaches going home" trend we're seeing today. Makes sense to carry that speculation -- it has substance and foundation. Then we slowly drift back to Earth and realize it "ain't eva gonna" happen because, get this, Lewis is honorable.