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Palmer voice for cartoon.

Not sure if you're local. But if you are, and you listen to commercials on 700 WLW, then you've probably heard Carson Palmer, for an ad (forget who), singing, "I love football, I love football." Very athlete-trying-acting monotone. But that's low level stuff for Palmer. The stepping stone (you know, like Mark Dantonio?) for bigger, grander things. Brett Favre got a gig with Cameron Diaz, think of the babes Palmer could act with -- Scarlett Johansson comes to mind. But to get there, you have to get some cred in the biz.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer will make his acting debut Feb. 3, but he will be heard and not seen.

Palmer will play himself in the Disney Channel's animated series, "The Replacements," which will air the night before the Super Bowl.

Palmer called it "a great opportunity" and said he's now "a big fan of the show."

Palmer sees it now. Jessica Alba.

Bengals' Carson Palmer To Voice Cartoon Character []