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Carson Palmer responds to arrests - UPDATED

Palmer responds to the arrests: "It has to stop," Palmer said hours after he heard the news. "If it doesn’t stop, we’re not going to have any fans left and I don’t blame them. It’s ridiculous. We can’t get through a month without getting a guy arrested. It happens on another team and they’re shocked and surprised to hear about it. With us, you hear about it and it doesn’t surprise you and you just shake your head and say, ‘Another one.'"

UPDATE 2pm: Add Willie Anderson into the mix.

"The thing that is kind of scary is that guys should be feeling like, 'I should make sure not to become No. 9 or No 10,'" Anderson told the Enquirer late this morning. "Before, you were cautious as a professional athlete -- I am very cautious about what I say and do in public -- but now you have to be even more careful not to be the next guy caught in that mix."

"It's kind of become a joke out here, `Who will be the next Bengal?'" he said. "I told guys that you are going to look really bad if you are the next guy. I said they can't even put themselves in that position."

I'm glad the players are speaking out about their frustration making us believe there are others on the team that feel the same way we do.

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