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Get off your HIGH horse.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty asks you, the Bengals fan, to do one thing: GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES!

The problem isn't so much that another Bengal was caught doing something stupid and illegal. Allegedly. It's that the knee-jerk moralizing has started up again. Nobody is crazy about players messing up, time after time. Nobody thinks nothing of it. People outside of our town are laughing at us, again. That's not unusual. That's only if they care, though.

Most don't.

But can we please stop with the indignation? My goodness, it's a misdemeanor dope possession charge, not stealing the Lindbergh baby. Another favor: Can we not knee-jerk blame Marvin Lewis for this latest grown-man Bengal charged with a crime? If the last 12 months have taught us anything - beyond a deeper appreciation for the phrases "police said'' and "declined to comment'' - it's that people who believe people who play games for a living are somehow smarter, more humble and more respectful than the rest of us need to put their toys away and smell the reality.

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