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For every good, there's bad

Cincinnati is embattled in an argument of good vs. bad. Good being tied for the team lead in touchdown receptions -- and a team leading 16.8 yard-per-reception average. Good being leading the league in interceptions last season and a Pro Bowl as icing. Good being an alternate at guard for the Pro Bowl. Good being four pass deflections -- should have been interceptions -- beating the best team in the AFC North during a high profile Thursday night game. When there's night, there's day. When there's happy, there's sadness. When there's peace, there's war. When there's Tank Johnson, there's the U.S. Military. When there's Sean Salisbury, there's intelligence. When there's good, there's bad. Bad being alcohol to minors, DUI, DUI, pot, theft, BUI, spousal abuse, battery and the Steelers.

My point is for each good, there's bad. The question is, will you take the good while withstanding the bad? Or will you dump the bad to risk losing the good.

Now, unlike many local sports shows and fans that call in, there's no correlation between great players in the NFL and their character. In other words, it would be short-sided to suggest a guy like Chris Henry off-the-field recreation is the only way to get great talent. But I also understand that it would be just as difficult to pick up a wide receiver, in the third round, that has 15 touchdowns in 27 games -- 4.4 receptions per touchdown.

So in a way, I find myself unwilling to support any path.

But take a look at Marvin Lewis' comments:

"It's good that Chris's cases have been resolved," Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said in a press release. "Now he must continue to strive to mature and grow both as a player and as a person."

That doesn't seem like a man that's on the hot seat for the characters he's brought to town. Even Carson Palmer historically has defended Henry when critics suggested he be cut.

AOL Funhouses' Michael David Smith finds his reason to cut Henry. "I can't figure out why the Bengals haven't cut Henry yet. Nine Bengals have been arrested in the last nine months, but none can compare with Henry, who has four arrests (actually, it's five) during his short tenure in Cincinnati."

What should Lewis do?

"Lewis could send a strong message that he wants things to change in Cincinnati if he sent Henry packing." Even if you could cut Henry, most people would view it as a PR move therefore would fail at any strong message of change.

For every good, there's bad.