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Firing up the prophecy blitz machine

The ESPN blitz previewing Monday Night's game begins.

Mike Sando writes that Cincinnati still suffers from identity crisis. What are we? Finesse offense, absentee defense? Willie Anderson is featured mostly in this piece and, boy, he sounds like a guy that's simply deflated, doesn't he?

Patriots could go undefeated? Gary Horton says it's possible. I, on the other hand, am with the crowd that there will never be an undefeated team again. Because when teams earn a playoff berth early (and being undefeated, you'll earn that spot VERY early), they'll likely rest and recover leading up to the post-season. It's not that I don't think the Patriots could go undefeated. But that's not the point either, is it? I have a hard time believing that teams will risk injury on the final game of the season before the post-season. Week 17 for teams already decided in the post-season is very similar to preseason game #4. Dude, this is the fourth game of the year. Leave prophecy to video games and science fiction movies.

Sticking with the Gary Horton prophecy theme, the visionary provides three "keys" per team. I'll give you a hint: Bengals defense takes the checkers.

More prophecy.

Tom previews Monday's game.

Also, a quick blog note.

I won't be blogging like usual since tonight is a nationally televised game. I will update the typical stats under an Open Thread post that will invite you to comment throughout the game.