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Completing the rant on the confusion of the JJ one-game suspension

Notice all those hysterical and completely original Bengals, chain gangs, new stripped uniforms coming out since the announcement of Joseph's one game suspension? Most of them are so gut wrenching funny that they deserve applause, links, quotes and a parade down main street. You have to look for them. While most posts just appear to post for the sake of posting on a joke that's run its course 15 months ago, it's always golden when you find the "X" during your hard fought treasure dig discovering more blogs in the depths of dungeons, basements and Mount Doom. In fact, some would be perfect politicians writing creative posts well in advance copying and pasting their talking points at the first opportunity. But that's the problem with politicians, isn't it? While they run into the ground safe ideas (if that's what they call them), it's rare that someone travels outside the brain-dead man's box. Dangerous territory. Like I said, gut wrenching funny from stagnant "must post this" comments eulogizing ideals that's long since buried.

It's not restricted to just bloggers though. The perfectionist world is a world that's less traveled these days. And it's boring. But that's not the point. What confuses me is the inability from local media superstars that every issue, every white and black discrepancy that exists on this planet, every life decision, choice and happening, is charted to an exact standard.

But I suppose the support for a dictatorship-style of degradation in the dying bread banishing the unique cultures in professional American sports, have their points. After all, Johnathan Joseph broke the law. It doesn't matter that his case was thrown out. It doesn't matter that, compared to recent historical perspectives of god-like power, that Joseph's punishment doesn't fit the crime. He, reportedly, complied with all legal and NFL requirements (are you sure?). Or the delay from the crime being committed to the act of spanking. The issue isn't about blaming the Chancellor. The confusing nature of one man's belief system of ethics and morality is enough to cause migraines to the tenth power. And the inability to view things on an issue-by-issue basis from others, is even more nauseating.

If we had an "after school detention" council, where a group of people dished out punishments on crimes that the Personal Conduct Policy call "violent in nature", then I'm cool. If the "after school detention" council called for the punishment of multiple offenders, then I'm cool. If we picked up the pace to punish these violent criminals causing all sorts of hell, then I'm cool.

But here's the thing. The Personal Conduct Policy was issued in response to multiple and violent offenders. And it's a fantastic idea to suspend everyone. You wouldn't want to disrupt your consistency and standard of offense/punishment charts. Which ever that may be.

No, no, no! Blah. He broke the law. Judge Dread would be pleased. No, he wouldn't. He's not a happy man. Too many law breakers around to be pleased. But if someone intends on doing something, the law isn't going to stop them. It never has. That's why they're broken. And you think NFL law will prohibit behavior? I've always said it's not the behavior of the players, it's society's gift of invincibility and god-like treatment that enables bullet-proof convictions. Going after players like Joseph, while the law has already claimed he's fit to play with society, doesn't resolve anything. And could bring about a much bigger disaster with the players union when the romanticism of Goodell's wraith wears out. My guess will be when he punishes someone for speeding -- i.e., breaking the law. Now wait a second -- that would constitute gray being applied. Yes. Yes, it would. Confused? I know.

But does he even have to break the law? If you're not convicted for breaking the law, but you're questioned or someone in your entourage is suspected, or at the wrong place at the wrong time 30 times, does that mean you warrant a year-long suspension?

But hey, for the sake of eliminating ANY discussion on the topic, we'll just say, "he broke the law" and be done with it. That's it. Over. Done. No more worries. The lesson learned? Next time he'll be more discrete with his pot.