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Updating the injury file: Rudi practices, Andrews to start for injured Anderson

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Rudi Johnson worked Friday's practice giving a collective breath from all things pro-Bengals. Even if he's out against Kansas City -- which appears to be heading towards a game-time decision -- his recovery is starting. While Kenny Watson has done well in his make-shift, hold the fort while Rudi recovers role, he's still not Rudi. While the defense holds reservations for the infirmary, the offense must do a better job winning the time of possession battle, maintaining field position and scoring quickly to give our defense the little advantage it needs. This offense must score, at least, 30 points a game to make any run during the final three quarters of the season. The first quarter is over. That can be wiped clean. Start over. Fresh. Whatever. It's still early in the season and this bye week was supposed to be the cure-all breath to re-fire the engines with the calming effect of a softer schedule on the horizon.

Moving on...

Now that the Chancellor handed out a one-game suspension against Johnathan Joseph, Leon Hall will get an opportunity to start for the second time this season.

Speaking of injury. It's not Scott Kooistra starting for Willie Anderson. It's Stacy Andrews.

James Francis? Former Bengals player James Francis has pleaded no contest to a charge of violating his probation by failing to pay court-ordered child support.