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Gameday and Open Thread: Bengals AT Chiefs

GAME: Cincinnati Bengals (1-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (2-3)
WHEN: Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 1 p.m.
BROADCAST: CBS, 1:00 pm: Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon. SIRIUS: 125 (KC), 123 (Cin.). Direct TV (710) and Direct TV HD (722)
SB NATION: Arrowhead Pride Game Center

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Bengals 20, Chiefs 27. Game Over

The Bengals were lifeless today. The Chiefs were the better team the Bengals fell behind early -- thanks to Levi Jones being owned early forcing him out of the game. So much for big expensive whinny left tackles that's done nothing for us this season. Larry Johnson got rolling early.

The defense played as expected, horrible, in the first half. But to their credit, slowed Larry Johnson (15 carries, 13 yards) giving the Bengals offense a shot in the second half. But the pass defense was the Achilles heal in the second half.

We also saw a moment in which Palmer nearly ran down Chad because the quarterback's frustration was reaching a peak.

The Bengals offense converted their first third down with 3:38 left in the game. They finished 1/11 for third down conversions. They've only converted one third down in their past 18 attempts. Bengals lost the time of possession battle 24:50-35:10.

My questions for this week -- email me your responses.

  • Has Marvin Lewis worn out his welcome?
  • Are Chad Johnson's antics wearing us out and have they become a distraction?
  • Will the Bengals suffer their first losing season since 2002?

Also, email me your general comments and we'll discuss.

Stats, Stats, Stats

Palmer: 26/43, 320 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs
Huard: 25/35, 264 yards, 2 TDs

Watson: 13 carries, 68 yards
Rudi: 4 carries, 8 yards
Larry Johnson: 31 carries, 119 yards, TD

T.J.: 8 receptions, 145 yards, 2 TDs
Chad: 8 receptions, 83 yards
Tony Gonzalez: 9 receptions, 102 yards, 2 TDs

[4:25] Think they'll onside? They do AND RECOVER!!! Sorry, that was mean. Bengals fail to pick up the onside, Chiefs take the knee and win the game.

[4:22] Bengals went to block the punt, ran into the kicker forcing the re-kick (sigh). Yet, declined the penalty. Alrighty then.

Bengals have first-and-ten at the Cin 14-yard line. Palmer, in shotgun, completes the pass about 23 yards over the middle to Reggie Kelly. Palmer completed 12-yard pass to T.J., 20-yard pass to Chad, 13-yard pass to T.J. and then spike. In four plays, Palmer completed four passes for 68 yards.

Second-and-ten, with :28 left in the game, at the KC 18-yard line, Palmer connects with Glenn Holt but failed to bring in his left foot. Bengals quickly kick a field goal to cut the deficit to 7, Chiefs lead 20-27.

[4:14] Larry Johnson gets the call on three straight plays and gains two total yards. Two minute warning. The Chiefs will punt when play is resumed.

[4:11] Bengals have to move like there's no tomorrow. On first down, quick five yard pass to Watson, out of bounds. 3:43: Second down and five, Palmer steps up and throws to a wide open T.J. Problem is, the pass hit his hands. Incomplete. Third down with 3:39 left. Palmer, in shotgun, completes the pass to T.J. well across midfield and reaches around the 41 and goes out of bounds.

First down with 3:30 left at the KC 41-yard line. False start. Stacy Andrews. In all fairness, Andrews has had a great game at right tackle. So, first-and-ten at the KC 46-yard line still with 3:30. Palmer, in shotgun, throws over the middle of the field and the ball just flairs the pass and the ball is intercepted. Palmer is PISSED off at Chad. Reggie Kelly calms him down. Seem like Chad just quit and slowed up his route, much flatter than Palmer anticipated.

[4:06] Clock killing mode by the Chiefs lets the Bengals defense tee off on Larry Johnson for four yards lost on two carries. Bengals call their final timeout with 4:14 left in the game. On third-and-14 at the KC 16-yard line, Huard pitches left and Johnson lost about five yards. Then Larry Johnson spiked the ball and called for a delay of game. Baby. The clock isn't moving. After a booming punt that went a mile, Jeremi Johnson for some reason blocks someone in the back and is called for illegal block in the back for a 10-yard penalty. Stupid.

[4:02] Bengals with two possession required, only five minutes left in the game and only one timeout left, kick the onside... nope. Kicked away through the back of the endzone.

[4:00] Well, the Bengals moved the ball and scored a touchdown on a deep pass on T.J.'s outside right shoulder towards the back right pylon. Bengals down, 27-17.

[3:52] Chiefs have second-and-seven at the Cin 41-yard line with 8:54 left in the game. Huard throws to Larry Johnson in the left flats. One missed tackle, Bengals getting frustrated and jawing their mouths. Johnson picked up about 15 yards. Then on the next play, Huard fakes the hand off and completed the 26 yard pass to Tony Gonzalez for the touchdown and obviously, the win. Chiefs lead, 27-10.

[3:50] Chiefs go three-and-out. Well, it appeared so. After Larry Johnson went eight yards and then no-gain. Huard throws an incomplete to Gonzalez, but Williams was called for pass interference. Gonzalez just boxed out Williams and Williams fought it. Tick, tick, tick.

Larry Johnson ran up the middle for about two yards before the Chiefs called a timeout. Play clock wound down.

[3:41] What? No catch? What? Bull. Both feet are down. Had total possession. That's awful. How do you miss this? Bengals punt. 0-11 on third downs. 0 for their last 22.

[3:40] With over 12 minutes left in the fourth, only down by 10, the Bengals do have a chance. First play, incomplete pass over the head of T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Second play, quick pitch to Watson off the left edge for five yards. Third-and-five at the KC 21-yard line. Palmer scrambles, in shotgun, and rolls right. The pass was completed off the right sidelines for about 15 yards.

Refs called incomplete. Both feet were in bounds. Marvin threw the red flag.

[3:35] After Larry Johnson picked up two yards, Huard completes a pass to Webb for about 7.9 yards. On third-and-inches at the KC 29-yard line, Larry Johnson receives a pitch to the right. Schlegel, the MVP of this drive, drops Johnson for a one-yard loss. Chiefs punt.

[3:30] After Chad picks up six yards on first-and-ten at the KC 22-yard line, Palmer completes a short pass to T.J. setting up a third-and-three at the KC 15-yard line. Palmer drops back and quickly passes to Chad. Chad went up and Palmer threw out. Incomplete. Bengals kick a field goal. Down, 10-20.

[3:25] After a quick four-yard pass to Watson in the left flats, Palmer gives the ball to Watson who picks up another seven yards. First down.

On first down, Palmer dropped back and threw to Reggie Kelly -- he's back, by the way -- about eight yards down the right sidelines. Then Palmer completes another pass to Chad Johnson running a QUICK slant. End of the third.

[3:23] After a wide receiver screen to the left to #18-Parker for eight yards, Huard completes a short pass to #82-Bowe for 11 yards.

The Chiefs continue to move. After a five yard gain up the middle -- the Bengals defensive line is breaking down, wearing out -- Huard completes a 11-yard pass to #82-Bowe. On the next play, Huard completes a quick pass to #82-Bowe and he FUMBLES THE BALL. Dhani Jones forces the fumble, recovered by Rucker.

Updating the stats page. Watson has 10 carries for 49 yards. Palmer is 10/18 for 124 yards and T.J. leads the team with 50 yards receiving (on two catches). Chad has four receptions for 41 yards receiving.

[3:18] After Watson picked up four yards on the right side of the line, Palmer drops back and completes a rocket to T.J. on the right. Seems the Chiefs are playing their coverages back.

First-and-ten, Palmer completes 12-13 yard line to Chad Johnson. First--and-ten at the Cincinnati-41 yard line, Watson runs off the left side of the line and picks up three. Second-and-seven, Palmer hands off to Watson again and picks up another four yards setting up third-and-three at the Cincinnati 47-yard line.

Incomplete pass. Ball deflected at the line of scrimmage. 0-8 today. 0-15 in the past two games. Something like that. Bengals punt this time.

[3:12] Chiefs start at the Cincinnati 36-yard line. Huard rolls out right and throws the ball way out of bounds to avoid the smashing hit by Peko. He laid down on the ground like being on gurney. On second down, LJ picked up another 2-3 yards.

Chiefs, third-and-seven at the Cincinnati 33-yard line. Robert Geathers and Landon Johnson and Peko, at the snap, all made penetration and sacked Huard knocking the Chiefs out of field goal range. Chiefs punt.

At least the defense held after the offense gave the ball up at the Cincinnati 36-yard line.

[3:05] Play-action, end around, Palmer throws deep to T.J. down the right sidelines. Incomplete. Defensive holding on #24-Law. Automatic first down. As long as we don't have third downs, we should be fine.

First-and-ten at the Bengals 27-yard line. Palmer drops back and throws deep left sidelines to T.J. Incomplete. Allen forced Palmer to throw early. Reggie Kelly very slow to get up. Hopping off one foot. Second-and-ten at the Bengals 27-yard line. Palmer drops back and throws over the middle to Glenn Holt for about a 7-yard gain.

Good job by Whitworth to push Allen outside and keep him outside.

Third-and-three at the Cincinnati 34-yard line, Palmer rolls out right and scrambles down the right sidelines. Two-yard pick up. 0-14 on third downs. Reggie Kelly sitting on the cart getting his ankle re-taped.

Bengals go for it on fourth-and-inches at the Cincinnati 36-yard line. No confidence in the defense? Good call. Palmer hands off to Watson and he's VERY short. Barely made it to the line of scrimmage. Not even close to the first down marker. Chiefs ball.

I would have gone for it too. But STOP calling that play.

[2:57] On the Chiefs' first play of the second half, Huard completes the pass to Gonzalez. I know, SHOCKING. Geathers is still playing SAM. After a no-gain by Larry Johnson, the Chiefs set up with a third-and-six at the Kansas City 34-yard line. Huard, in shotgun, throws to a miles-wide open #80-Webb for nine yards.

Dave Lapham says it's like taking candy from a baby.

After Larry Johnson picked up three yards over the middle -- nice stop by Michael Myers -- Johnson whiffs on Blue Adams blitzing who sacks Huard. Third-and-14 from the Kansas City 39-yard line. Williams blitzed and sacks Huard. Nice job defense. Turn up the heat. Chiefs punt.

[2:51] After Palmer completed a 7-yard pass to Glenn Holt, Rudi Johnson picks up a yard off the left edge. Palmer drops back, holds on to the ball, rolls out right and gets sacked. Coverage sack. Either horrible effort by our receivers or whatever. Bengals go three and out and punt the ball. 0 for their past 13 on third downs.

Stats, Stats, Stats

Total Yards / Plays

Bengals: 118 / 21
Chiefs: 261 / 43

Time of Possession

Bengals: 9:54
Chiefs: 20:06

Palmer: 6/12 88 yards, TD, INT
Huard: 16/25 166 yards, TD

Watson: 6 rushes, 38 yards
Rudi: 3 rushes, 7 yards
Larry Johnson: 16 carries, 106 yards, TD

Chad: 3 receptions, 27 yards
T.J.: 1 reception, 42 yards, TD
Tony Gonzalez: 7 receptions, 70 yards, TD
Webb: 4 receptions, 57 yards.

Chiefs, with 1:27 left in the half and a full compliment of timeouts, start at their own 40-yard line. The 1:27 drive:

First play: Pitch right to Larry Johnson. No gain. Clock tick. Fans boo.
Second play: Quick pass to Tony Gonzalez running in open space. Six yards. Chiefs take timeout #1.
Third play: Third-and-three, Huard completes pass to Gonzalez across the middle.
Fourth play: Huard, in shotgun, throws a deep pass to Gonzalez -- you guessed it, over the middle -- for about 20 yards. Chiefs take timeout #2.
Fifth play: First-and-ten, ball at the 27-yard line with :37. Huard throws deep left sidelines to #80-Webb. Over throw.
Sixth play: Huard, in shotgun, throws down the deep left sidelines to #80-Webb. Good catch. Tap tap. Bengals are NOT defending the sidelines. Good god... 16-yard gain.
Seventh play: Huard throws down the right back pylon. Jump ball. Bowe lost the ball. Incomplete.
Eighth play: Huard throws over the middle to #84 and the ball is jarred out. Incomplete.
Ninth play: Huard dumps the pass off to Larry Johnson two yards short of the endzone. Chiefs call timeout #3 with 0:05 left in the half.

Chiefs kick field goal. Lead 20-7.

[2:27] The Bengals start two-minute drill -- actually, 1:52 drill.

First play: Palmer throws screen to the left. Watson fell down early and Palmer just threw the ball to the ground.
Second play: Palmer, under pressure by #70-Boone -- unblocked, untouched -- throws the ball incomplete to avoid the sack.
Third play: Palmer hands off to Watson for about six yards.

Bengals punt. Great job. I couldn't figure out a more ineffective way to look incompetent.

[2:21] After the Chiefs were called for illegal man downfield (on a RB screen), the Chiefs ran a shovel pass losing another yard after D.Jones shed off the block and tackling Bennett for a one-yard loss. Chiefs timeout.

Third-and-19 at the Kansas City 31-yard line. Huard dumps off the pass to the left on a screen pass. Incomplete. Geathers pressured Huard too quickly. Chiefs punt.

[2:17] On first down, Larry Johnson runs down the right edge to the right sidelines. Hall missed the tackle on the edge, but had no support. Bryan Robinson got smoked by the tight end. Johnson picks up 22 yards and with four minutes left in the first half, Larry Johnson has 105 yards on 15 carries.

[2:12] Bengals start first-and-ten at the Cincinnati 29-yard line. After a quick seven-yard pick up, Watson scores his second straight handoff for about two yards setting up a third-and-inches. Palmer hands off to Watson and dropped about three yards in the backfield. In their past two games, the Bengals are 0 for their last 12 on third downs. They're 0-5 today. Bengals punt after three straight Kenny Watson runs.

[2:09] Larry Johnson picks up five yards on two carries (6, -1) setting up a third-and-four at the Cincinnati 39-yard line. Huard, in shotgun, passes to Tony Gonzalez (I think he lined up right slot) running a crossing pattern. The tight end, about five yards wide open, picks up 17 yards.

On first down, Huard faked the hand off left and rolled out right to #82-Bowe for a 10-yard reception down the right sidelines. Chiefs set up first-and-ten at the Cincinnati 12-yard line:

First down: Larry Johnson runs up the middle for four yards.
Second down: LJ runs down the left side of his offensive line. He's not touched until he completes his eight-yard run in the endzone.

Chiefs lead, 17-7.

INJURY UPDATE: Dexter Jackson getting IV.

[2:01] On first down, Allen tracking down Palmer rolling out to the right completes the pass to Chad Johnson for another first down. Dexter Jackson is in the lockerroom. Whitworth is at left tackle with Kooistra to left guard. Andrews stays at right tackle. See ya Jones.

After a four-yard loss by Rudi and an complete pass to Johnson, Palmer, in shotgun on third-and-14, throws a floater late to Chad Johnson on the left sidelines. Surtain jumped the pass and intercepted. Chiefs ball. Bengals pissing me off.

[1:57] Bengals GET THE BALL. Larry Johnson, after a loss in the backfield thanks to Madieu Williams, scampers all the way to the endzone but loses the ball at the one yard-line. Ball goes through the back of the endzone and the Bengals have the ball at the 20-yard line. I think Gameday got confused and froze. But that's been the usual verdict with NFL's gameday online. They broke the thing after last season with this new format. It's just horrible.

[1:56] Chiefs set up with third-and-ten at the Cincinnati 45-yard line. Huard, in shotgun, fumbles the snap. Bengals recover! Nope. Flag. False start. That's just bad luck for the Bengals. We've seen it all season.

OK, for real, third-and-15, Huard in shotgun throws the ball deep left and COMPLETES the pass and the first down to #80-Webb. Horrible defense. As per quota.

[1:53] Review: Ruled Incomplete Pass.

[1:50] WOW. Bengals have the ball, incomplete, something. Who knows. The refs? They don't. Huard completes the pass to #18-Parker. Robert Geathers, with his helmet, pops the football out and recovers the ball. The refs initially called a catch and then fumble. This is under review.

[1:47] On the first play of the second quarter, Palmer throws a quick pass to Chad on the right for five yards. Second-and-five, Palmer pump fakes to the right dumping it off to Reggie Kelly for the first down -- 14-yard gain. Good stuff.

Rudi gets his second handoff of the game to the left. After the five-yard pick up, the Bengals set up second down at the KC 47-yard line. Palmer drops back and Allen hits Palmer forcing the fumble. Chiefs ball. Allen is owning Jones. Get him the hell out of there. No reason to bitch about your playing time anymore. Get him out.

[1:44] Bengals start the drive at their own 17-yard line. Rudi in. Palmer throws on first down over the head to T.J. (on the left) about a yard short of the first down marker. Second down, Allen whips up on Levi Jones -- speed this time around the left tackle -- and sacks Palmer for the second time today. Third-and-17 at the Cincinnati 10-yard line. Palmer in shotgun, dumps off the screen to Kenny Watson on the right for a minimal gain.

#20-Sapp is ticked off. After getting into it with T.J., Sapp gets into it with his Donnie Edwards. He threw his helmet off on the sidelines. This guy lost it. Holding on #20, decline. Personal foul on #20. Bengals get the first down because Sapp just lost his composure. Good job.

[1:37] After a four-yard gain to the right with a pulling left guard, LJ runs back to the right side of the line with a massive hole and missed tackles (Williams) and Schlegel on his knees even before the impact from the full back. LJ picks up 20 yards.

After a one-yard gain by Michael Bennett, Huard drops back and throws over the middle to Tony Gonzalez for another first down inside the 10-yard line after the 10-yard pass.

First down: Huard in shotgun, throws right beyond the hashmark to #88-Gonzalez for eight yards. Robert Geathers covering.
Second down: LJ gets the hand off and runs down the left side of his line. Madieu Williams disrupted the run in the backfield forcing Johnson to lose about two yards on the play.
Third down: Huard, on play-action, throws a fade route to the right back pylon to Tony Gonzalez. Record breaking touchdown catch for the tight end -- most all-time for a tight end.

Chiefs lead, 10-7.

[1:32] Rudi is in the ball game to start the Bengals second drive. Standard I-formation, Rudi runs behind the right side and picks up a decent six yards. On second down, with Chad wide left, Palmer throws a short pass to Chad running out to the left sidelines. Third-and-four at the Cin 24-yard line, Palmer, in shotgun, is sacked after Palmer failed to find an open receiver. Coverage sack. Bengals go three-and-out and punt. Allen is abusing Jones. Chiefs start at the Cincinnati 44-yard line after the line drive punt by Kyle Larson.

[1:27] On the first play of the Chiefs second drive, Landon Johnson and Justin Smith converged on Huard -- play-action -- for the team's second sack of the game. Johnson just ran up the middle and Smith worked off the edge. On second down, the Chiefs called a RB screen over the middle. Bounced off LJ's chest.

Chiefs set up with a third-and-18 at the KC 12-yard line, Huard in shotgun, throws down the left sidelines to #80-Webb for about 17 yards. Great catch by #80-Webb, tap tap on the sidelines. Bengals force three-and-out and force the Chiefs punt. Punt shanked. Great roll for the Chiefs.

[1:20] Kenny Watson gets the call on the Bengals' first play of the game with a five-yard pickup behind the pulling right guard to the right edge. On second down, Allen beats Jones and nearly sacks Palmer. Palmer, on a quick pass, fired off the pass to Chad Johnson underneath for a good 7-yard pick up and first down.

Then on first down, Kenny Watson runs behind the right side of the line for a 19-yard gain. On the next play, Palmer drops back, throws left to T.J (running a hook route). T.J. caught the pass, flipped around to his right and sprinted down the left sideline for a TOUCHDOWN. Three Chiefs secondary tripped over each other and missed the stop. Bengals lead, 7-3.

[1:13] After a return to the 22-yard line, Madieu Williams is called for a personal foul, face mask giving the Chiefs a starting position at Kansas City 37-yard line. First play, Larry Johnson runs for nine yards. Robert Geathers, starting at SAM linebacker, stuffs LJ for a few yards lost on second. On third down, the Chiefs sit in shotgun and pitch to the left. Justin Smith made the stop, but not after LJ made the first down.

Justin Smith, on first down, sprints around the left tackle and makes his first sack of the season. Then Blue Adams, on second down, blitzes and did a behind the back clothesline on Huard and called for the personal foul. That's the second personal foul since kickoff.

Chiefs set up first-and-ten at the Cincinnati 35-yard line. After a quick four-yard pass to Webb, Huard throws DEEP down the right sidelines. GREAT PLAY by Deltha O'Neal to gain position and knock down the pass. He forced #82 onto the sidelines giving the WR no room. On third-and-seven, Huard throws a missile over the middle to #82-Bowe for 14 yards. There was NO DEFENSE in that area. Linebackers on milk cartons.

So the Chiefs found their way into the RedZone. After a three-yard gain, the CHIEFS GET A BREAK. While he was falling down, Huard threw the pass about two yards into the ground to avoid the sack. No call. Horrible. Chiefs set up with a third-and-seven at the Cincinnati 44-yard line. Robert Geathers knocks down the pass at the line of scrimmage forcing the Chiefs to kick a field goal. Chiefs lead, 3-0.

[1:00] Bengals lost the toss, Kansas City will receive.


  • Rayner kicks 32-yard field goal. Chiefs, 3-0.
  • Palmer completes 42-yard Touchdown pass to T.J. Bengals, 7-3
  • Huard completes 3-yard Touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez, Chiefs, 10-7
  • Larry Johnson scores on an eight-yard touchdown run. Chiefs, 17-7
  • Rayner kicks 20-yard field goal. Chiefs, 20-7.
  • Shayne Graham kicks 33-yard field goal. Chiefs, 20-10.
  • Huard completes a 26-yard touchdown pass to Gonzalez. Chiefs, 27-10.
  • Palmer completes 30-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Chiefs, 27-17
  • Shayne Graham kicks 35-yard field goal. Chiefs, 20-27.

Turnovers (Bengals -2)

  • Palmer lost the ball on a pass play after Allen made contact by abusing Jones all game.
  • Larry Johnson fumbles the ball at the one-yard line giving the Bengals a touchback. Palmer throws pick.
  • Palmer intercepted by Patrick Surtain. Chiefs score a touchdown.
  • Palmer intercepted by Pollard.


  • Madieu Williams, personal foul face mask on opening kickoff return.
  • Blue Adams, personal foul, roughing the quarterback.


  • Dexter Jackson in the lockerroom getting IV.
  • Reggie Kelly hopped off the field on one foot. Gets ankle re-taped.

How do I keep tabs?
I watch the game on television, listen to the radio and confirm yardage and other loose ends with's Game Center. All things published on Game Logs originate from any of those sources

Have a question?: The game has a limited broadcast audience. So if you have a question about a player, a scheme, a play or whatever I missed or didn't address, ask in the comments section. Either myself or other readers will respond if able. You can also email me personally at the address to the right.

A long way from Cincinnati? Chime in, say hello and where you're from. We're going to get our GameDay community working.

PERSONNEL UPDATES: Brooks, Miller and Fanene also out. Watson to start at running back. Rudi expected to play.

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Inactive/Out: Rashad Jeanty, Ethan Kilmer, Tab Perry, Willie Anderson

Uniform: White jersey

Weather: Cloudy. High 79F. Winds, 10-20 mph from the south []

Who's watching? As per this NFL distribution map.

Starters: We project the starting lineup below based on last week's starters and today's trickle of info.

(D, Doubtful... Q, Questionable)

POS. Projected
QB Palmer
RB R. Johnson
FB J.Johnson
WR C. Johnson
WR Houshmandzadeh
TE Kelly
LT Jones
LG Whitworth
C Ghiaciuc
RG Williams
RT Andrews
POS Week #1
LE Geathers
DT Peko
DT Thornton
RE Smith
WB L. Johnson
MB Schlegel
SB D.Jones
SS Jackson
FS Williams
CB Hall
CB O'Neal