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NFL Announces Pro Bowl Balloting

I have no problem with the Pro Bowl. It's an honor for the players -- voted by contemporaries, fans and the media -- to feel appreciated beyond the pocket book by all three voters. Sure, the games are boring. The effort of the players is always a reason to hate it. And there's more sideline interviews than actual game commentary. It's an awards show of sorts that avoids any seriousness that comes with the NFL. It's nearly a month after many players hang up their cleats. Regardless, it is what it is and to expect more than simple exhibition play between pals is expecting way too much.

Voting has already begun and ends on December 11, 2007 -- that's before week 15 (three games remaining). Hey, it might not be perfect, but MLB, NBA and the NHL only reflect half a season. Teams will be announced on December 18 on the NFL Network (i.e., waiting a few minutes and reading about it on or And if you really want to know, god knows why, balloting is presented by Sprint.