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Tab and Kilmer done for the season

Tab Perry is done for the season -- is his career in doubt? Ethan Kilmer, an injury report regular, is done for the season. Both moves to Injury Reserve open two roster spots in desperate need of out-of-work second-rate (no offense) defensive players to replace some in the mega-plex infirmary.

So Sunday?

  1. Chad Johnson
  2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  3. Glenn Holt
  4. Skyler Green

Add into the mix Reggie Kelly and Daniel Coats and our passing offense seems, well, uh-oh. The reason I didn't include Antonio Chatman? Marvin Lewis, during his Monday press conference, said Chatman suffered "a slight hamstring strain" in Sunday's loss against the Chiefs. Historically, Chatman hasn't done well with injuries. He didn't practice Wednesday. So -- radical change of pace here -- I'm not expecting him to play.

Returning this week is Johnathan Joseph from suspension and Rashad Jeanty after missing five games, thus far. reports that big bad Willie Anderson dressed up Wednesday. But Ahmad Brooks, Caleb Miller, Rudi Johnson and Reggie Kelly didn't. Chris Perry is around easing into the mix. Hopefully Levi Jones returns too. He didn't play much against Kansas City. You saw him. But he didn't play.

Also, newly in the mix, is wide receiver Courtney Roby. The all-time Hoosier receptions (170) and yards (2,524) leader, has started six games in his NFL career (all in 2005).

Season Games Rec. Yards TDs
2005 13 21 289 1
2006 12 2 28 0
  25 23 317 1

Question of the week: Will the Bengals convert five first downs? It's third and wrong for the Bengals [DDN]

Media Note of the Week: The NFL game between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys drew 29.1 million viewers. It's the most watched regular season game on NFL Sunday since Dallas and San Francisco on November 10, 1996. In week six, NFL games were the highest rated shows in 23 of 30 NFL markets.

Did you know: The I-275 loop is the longest looped expressway in the United States -- roughly, 85 miles. It's the only loop to cross three different states. I don't know. I just felt like you should know.