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Updating the Bengals injury file after Patriots game

Let's quickly update the injury file.

Willie Anderson started the game and left the game as quickly.

"All the things that have been happening to me this year, they've caught up with me," said Anderson, one game away from the fifth-longest consecutive starts streak at 117. "I went out there and on the pass blocking, I was kidding myself."

It's questionable if Anderson will play against the Chiefs.

Lemar Marshall is out of the season with a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Landon Johnson didn't return after an eye injury and Anthony Schlegel finished the game limping. Levi Jones was in and out and Stacy Andrews made an appearance even with a bum shoulder.

Ahmad Brooks and Caleb Miller should return after the bye week. And it wouldn't be far off to project the Bengals picking up another linebacker or two quickly to integrate them into the system.