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Chris Henry returns. Kenny Watson up for FedEx award

The Bengals have dealt with a slew of injuries. Some say it's no excuse. I say it's THE excuse. Think about it for a moment. If Peyton Manning shreds his knee and the Colts lose every game the rest of the season and miss the playoffs, wouldn't Manning's injury be an excuse? An acceptable excuse? Debate.

The Steelers could be without Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark and Clint Kriewaldt.

Bengals/Steelers week, unfortunately, has a focus that isn't so much about the opponent, it's about keeping momentum. However, you'll come away with a different approach in your thinking. You'll realize that if the Bengals win, then they are one game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. A week ago that would have been a thought followed by "as if" or "what-eva". But it's true. In a two-week roller coaster of emotions, the Bengals could transition their status back as contenders. Will they? Well, hell. You have to hope they at least try and not relive the loss against New England. John Harris and Scott Brown discuss.

Ed Bouchette said of the Steelers loss to the Broncos.

The Steelers did more than lose Sunday night in Denver. They might have shown future opponents the way.

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Hello Mr. Henry.

Today, Wednesday, marks the return of one Chris Henry. Press Release:

The NFL has notified the Bengals that WR Chris Henry has been cleared to return to on-field practice, to begin his preparation for a possible return to the active roster following the team’s Nov. 4 game at Buffalo.

Henry is practicing today as the rest of the team begins it week of preparation for Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh. Earlier this year, Henry was suspended by the league for Games 1-8 of this season, due to violations of NFL policies. The suspension is to end after the Buffalo game.

I've said it many times. When Chris Henry returns, with a full compliment of offensive linemen and a backfield with Rudi Johnson, Kenny Watson with the return of Chris Perry, this offense will skyrocket. Considering we're the fourth best offense in the NFL, there's not much further we can go. But I think we can do it. And then there's Glenn Holt.

Speaking of Mr. Watson: Kenny Watson is up for FedEx Ground Player of the Week honors after his 31 carries, 130-yard, 3-TD performance against the New York Jets. Watson is competing against Brandon Jacobs (18-107-TD) and Larry Johnson (24-112-TD). Vote for Kenny here.
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