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Do you have a problem with teams running up the score?

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Ah, they found it. A controversy. I know, a controversy in the NFL. Who would have thunk it? You never put it by those quick observers that favor controversy over acceptance. And why not? We enjoy some controversial banter enabling us to take both sides of the argument. It's why politics can be emotional and sometimes addictive. And it's complete coincidence that politics and ad-DICK-tive are in the same sentence. Dude, you're rambling. Indeed.

The controversy, this week, children, is "running up the score". Personally I see no logic keeping your starters in during the fourth quarter with a minimum three touchdown lead. That does not apply to teams playing the Colts on Monday Night Football. Well, actually the Colts at all. It's the same argument you've heard the past few days. And we all agree that Bill Belichick is giving the big finger to everyone else in response to spygate. His reasoning -- "think the championships are tainted?" -- are understood, but keeping a low profile has never been Belichick's strongest attribute.

With that said, I will provide NO sympathy votes for grown men, playing 3.5 quarters of a single game (by my count, getting paid for 2.5 hours of work) allowing the score to be run up against them right before they charter their private jet off to some exotic island because the level of disrespect was worse than the heat of the sun. OK, I'm being rough. But you get my point. It's the $$$ argument I'm making in this simple paragraph. Randall Godfrey's base salary gives him $12,812.50 per quarter. So, you know, earn it.

But in a way, we can understand. Sometimes life beats us all to a bloody, unrecognized, pulp that begs, craves, implores, pleads, supplicates, conjures and prays for mercy. On the other hand, we don't have to deal with the evil Belichick reign that makes Lord Waldemart or the encompassing eye of Sauron seem like preschool children. Dude, you're rambling. Indeed.

I will give credit where it's due. Indy Star's Bob Kravitz says what all beat reporters say when their team plays the Patriots. Kick their ass! Yea, throw me a beer. I'm with you, Bob.

But I see no reason to get bent out of shape because dominate-team-A beat down non-dominate-team-B. No, actually one argument sits with me. Its Joe Gibbs. Some question Belichick's class beating down a Joe Gibbs team -- one of the classiest, respected and established head coaches in NFL history. That, I can accept. Gibbs has earned the respect that Godfrey demands of Belichick. That, I accept.

To hit a little closer to home, think of it this way. Who would you be more angry with? The Bengals or the other team? What do you guys think? Do you have a problem with teams that run up the score?