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Dear Headache: Be Gentle.

There's nothing right now the Bengals are pretending to do. They don't pretend to win games -- making our Sundays pretty damned depressing. They don't pretend to show a unified front -- they act pretty much divided. They don't pretend to show a concentrated effort standing behind their head coach -- he pretty much acts as if he's sinking by himself. They don't pretend much of anything. Yet, Clifton Brown, whom put Marvin Lewis on the hotseat about two weeks ago, calls them pretenders because of their defense. He's right!

So, what is it?

"In hindsight, we should have gone for it on fourth down rather than take the points,"
- Head Coach Marvin Lewis said Sunday on the decision to kick a field goal on fourth-and-one.

- Head Coach Marvin Lewis' response Monday if he would do the exact same thing he did on fourth-and-one on Sunday.


Lewis was criticized by fans and second-guessed by players for playing it safe during a 24-13 loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday. With Cincinnati's season on the line, Lewis chose a field goal instead of going for a touchdown late in the first half.

The move backfired, and Lewis agreed after the game he probably should have gone for the touchdown. A day later, he did an about-face and defended a decision that was interpreted as a lack of faith in his offense.

Headache: Ready, yet?
Kirkendall: Ready for what?
Headache: Another session.
Kirkendall: Are you going to be gentle?
Headache: Doubt it.
Kirkendall: Well, can I at least take aspirins, you know, in case you go apeshit.
Headache: Do what you want. But the aspirins will only piss me off.
Kirkendall: Oh, like you're supposed to scare me?
Headache: Of course not, I'm just headache. My cousin, migraine, doesn't have anything to do tonight.
Kirkendall: Alright, no aspirins.
Headache: Don't worry. I'll be gentle.
Kirkendall: That's all I ask.