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Squabbling and Scribbling: Calm restored in Cincinnati lockerroom, Bengals are getting healthier

Now that Marvin Lewis has apologized for using profanity in the lockerroom, does it make you feel better? Was the apology needed? Is it a PR move by Lewis in a nationally defined moment with the perception that he lost control of this team? Does it really matter? What I learned about Lewis' supposedly profanity-laced tirade is that he still cares. He is embarrassed and disappointed. And he, probably as much, if not more than fans, wants to win every game. Say what you will about Lewis and whether or not he can take the Bengals to that next level. But don't assume that he doesn't care.

And after a few days, the team is calming down and Lewis is back to his leadership role. Hopefully Monday Night was the last supposed breakdown. And hopefully that translates to wins.

Now that Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson have accepted blame for the interception to close out the first half, who in the world can we blame? Two accepting blame is one too many. Shesh. Now I'm lost! (sarcasm + me = drips)

Someone wrote that the Bengals aren't that good. Really? Why? Because they're not the Patriots. Logically, that means 31 other teams aren't good because they're not the Patriots. Yea. Moving on.

Officially, Lemar Marshall is down for the year. They acquired Corey Mays off waivers from New England.

Reggie McNeal found a home where most NFL cast-offs find homes. The CFL.

The Toronto Argonauts added some quarterback depth Tuesday, signing import Reggie McNeal to the practice roster.

Character? No problem. But McNeal's arrest, in his words, "was just a misunderstanding between me and an off-duty officer. It went down with me getting arrested, but everything's now in the clear. As long as I stay out of trouble you'll never hear about it again."

Fans are very upset about this team. Really?

Rashad Jeanty could return within two weeks. He "worked on the sidelines with strength and conditioning coaches during Wednesday's practice."

Jeanty said, "That's the plan, that's the plan. I'm preparing myself as if I'm going to play against Kansas City, so we'll see."

Additionally, Chris Perry is working on the sidelines and could return to practice midweek during Jets week.