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Have you noticed this weekend in sports?

So, amigo. What sports do you plan on checking out this weekend? There's plenty of action. Plenty of variety. What's in your tube.

For the weekend, Cincinnati stations plan on broadcasting this weekend's following NFL games.

Early game (1pm EST), CBS - Browns at Patriots. Two teams that beat the Bengals in one screwed up fashion or another. Both having a field day against our tremendous paper over-talent defense, combined scoring 85 points. I asked Tom (Pats Pulpit) if the Patriots were worried the match up against the Bengals would be a "trap game". He said that it would be more likely the Browns would be that "trap game". I don't think he suspected the Bengals would be this bad with the Browns having the better record. Go Pats! Dawgs by Nature (Browns blog) | Pats Pulpit (Patriots blog)

Early game (1pm EST), Fox - Seattle at Pittsburgh. Oddly enough, the Steelers are being shown in the Cincinnati area. Head about 50 miles in any direction and Fox is showing Tampa Bay at Indianapolis at 4pm -- Fox only has a single game weekend. Go Hawks! Behind the Steel Curtain (Steelers blog) | Field Gulls (Seahawks blog)

Late game (4pm EST), CBS - Baltimore at San Francisco. Well, this rounds up the AFC North for the Cincinnati viewing area. About 90% of the nation -- which doesn't include Cincinnati -- will get San Diego at Denver. Which includes a majority of the East Coast and the entire south. Baltimore Beatdown (Ravens blog) | Niners Nation (49ers blog)

Other interesting matchups. Tampa Bay/Indianapolis and San Diego/Denver. Bears/Green Bay play Sunday night.
Buc' em (Tampa Bay blog)
Stampede Blue (Colts blog)
Mile High Report (Broncos blog)
Windy City Gridiron (Bears blog)
Acme Packing Company (Packers blog)

Saturday Evening. ABC and CBS are competing for the primetime slot. You have tOSU Buckeyes and the Purdue Boilermakers on ABC. The Florida Gators head west (not far) to challenge #1 ranked, LSU. This Saturday night will display some fantastic football. I mean, really good stuff.
Around the Oval (Buckeyes blog)
And the Valley Shook (LSU blog)
Alligator Army (Gators blog)

Football not you're cup of tea? Well, that would be just weird considering you're reading an NFL-related blog.

OK, baseball playoffs. We could see a duel-elimination night. The 2-0 Colorado Rockies will host the Philadelphia Phillies. The 2-0 Arizona Diamondbacks head to Chicago. Both on TBS starting at 6pm. If neither game ends their respective divisional series, both play on Sunday with Boston/Angles playing at 1pm (TBS) and the Indians/Yankees playing at 6:30pm (TBS)

The Good Phight (Phillies blog) Let's Go Tribe (Indians blog)
Purple Row (Rockies blog) Pinsripe Alley (Yankee blog)
AZ Snakepit (Diamondbacks blog) Over the Monster (Red Sox blog)
Bleed Cubbie Blue (Cubs blog) Halos Heaven (Angels blog)

Need more? NASCAR is at Talladega this weekend. Let me summarize one thing for you. When they say the "Big One" they're referring to a big wreck. That phrase is used the most at Talladega as 43 cars line up, three wide, around the 2.66 mile d-shaped oval less than one full second separating first and last place.
Restrictor Plate This (Nascar blog)

Man, this is going to be a great sports weekend. Hell ya.