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Suggs wonders why fans boo after offense turns ball over six times

When players react to fans booing, it's almost like, well, where the hell have you been? Fans have their reasons for booing -- like six turnovers -- of which are 97.4% justified.

"Yeah, it bothers me because I don't particularly know who they're booing," linebacker Terrell Suggs said in response to being asked whether the heckling bothered him. "They're booing us. These are my brothers, all of them. Offense, special teams, left tackle, the kicker. We're a team. No one man is exempt."

They are booing you. Your brothers too, all of them.

The art of booing. Buckeyes fans did it in the Horseshoe this weekend. Bengals and Reds fans have done it since, well, they've always done it. And what interpretation does a player get out of it? And how can players not interpret booing as a way of saying, "you're awful tonight!". It happens. Sports is performance based. If you perform, you get cheered. If you're willing to accept that and not say, "I don't particularly know who they're cheering" then I'm sure you can take a jeer or two. Remember how well Carlos Zambrano reacted.

I'm not getting into the debate of fan vs. player. However, how does Suggs NOT know after their offense turns the ball over six times by fans are booing?