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Keiwan Ratliff signs with Tampa Bay Bucs

Remember Keiwan Ratliff? Of course you do. Forgive me for asking. It's not like he was that memorable on the field. The former Bengals dime-back found a new home in Tampa Bay. But I find it ironic that one of the biggest draws for Ratliff was his punt returns. Let's face facts, he could compete in any reality-based dancing competition. His rookie year, he averaged 12.2 yards on 17 punts -- only five fair catches. Upswing baby. For his career, Ratliff averaged 7.5 yards-per-return on 72 punts -- including a 6.5 average in 2006. Nothing special, right? The Bengals went out and drafted Leon Hall pushing Ratliff to #4 on the charts. Once it was determined that Skyler Green (yes, he has a website) would return punts -- for a two-yard average less than Ratliff -- then the former Florida cornerback was axed. Another, swing and a miss.

And with all that known, it's Antonio Chatman returning punts now. We're good at seeing talent and putting the right people in place, aren't we?