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Shouldn't the Bengals defense be given some credit for Sunday's win?

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I really enjoy reading other people's stuff. Be it here, there; does not matter. The dub, dub, dub has a ceiling that only space can define -- knowledge is power, yo. In a lot of cases, I see and read perspectives that I hardly even explored -- much less examined. I know, I know. You're surprised that I fall into a web of outside-the-box thinking not born from my own. And in many cases, I will argue a point simply to see how far I can go with it. It's all in the name of progress -- not progressionism, because progressionism is the act of progressing for the sake of progressing which means you're congressing. That's a scary thought.

Moving on...

The Nasty Boys do not think we should give applause to the defense's performance against the Ravens. The piece is really a rip at Geoff Hobson for crowning the defense with their Sunday performance against the Ravens.

As many faithful followers of this site have realized by now, the bane of the existence of bothy myself and Charlie Hustle this NFL season has been the antics of the Cincinnati Bengals’ resident "beat writer" Geoff Hobson.  I have gotten to the point where I try not to read what he writes as A) the headlines usually tell the tale anyways and B) if you listen to Geoff you’d think the entire Bengals season is full of wild flowers and sunshine.

And again, after Cincinnati’s 21-7 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Hobson fails to disappoint as the headline for his post-game blog entry was as follows:  "Take A Bow, Defense".

Laughable.  A professional defense puts together one solid performance among eight other abysmal performances and Hobson crowns them showstoppers.

Well, let's give them two solids -- the first Ravens game. This take I completely disagree with while agreeing. No, not really agreeing, but understanding. Make sense? No. Our defense utterly blows. That's not a ground breaking Drudge headline. But they did show up Sunday. They did perform whereas the money makers on offense did not. I'd go so far as to say that our offense was horrible. Leon Hall is up for an award that only goes to one rookie in the NFL per week. Without Nedu Ndukwe, the fumble never happens that allows Cincinnati to kick their third field goal and go up by nine points -- two possession deficit = bad news for Ravens offense. In fact, if it wasn't for Hall and Nedu, the Bengals stood a good chance falling 14-6 after the Ravens first possession in the second half. But that didn't happen. Why? The defense showed up.

Take a bow, defense.

Will they make Kurt Warner, Edgerrin James and Larry Fitzgerald Hall of Famers this Sunday? Probably. They made the Jets think that Chad Pennington was actually worth starting before swapping him out for Kellen Clemens. They made the Bills realize that J.P. Losman is still the better quarterback for Buffalo. The Bengals defense prolonged one controversy while settling another. Jamal Lewis had his only 100-yard performance this season against the Bengals -- and it was 217 yards! Although, the Bengals did hold the Patriots to their second lowest points total of the season, 34 points -- Cleveland tied that and the Colts held New England to 24 points.

The defense stinks, we get that. But they also helped the team win against the Ravens. That means something, doesn't it? During a 3-6 season, there's not many positives to draw from.

I could even make the contention that, while not bad, the offense has severely undercut expectations this season. We expected the defense to be, at best, average that would be picked up by the offense. But the defense does not have the guys they intended to lay the foundation for defense -- five linebackers are out for the year. That hurts. Pun intended. The defense doesn't have their Carson Palmer. The defense doesn't have their Chad Johnson or T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Face it. The defense is what it is. And I'm not sure that firing Chuck would solve anything.

Firing Leslie Frazier didn't -- in fact, we've been a tad bit worse. Yet, he becomes defensive coordinator in Minnesota sporting the top ranked NFC defense -- in yardage allowed. That puts a wrench in your coaches are the problem argument, doesn't it?

Where is Mike Brown today? He's in court. No, really.

Brown was called as a witness in Hamilton County probate court in a "contested will" case involving the heirs of the late Austin "Dutch" Knowlton.

Chesley asked Brown specifically about a 1983 deal by then-Bengals majority owner John Sawyer to sell 60 team shares to the Brown family.

Brown denied it was a secret deal and said the transaction didn't cause a dispute between him and Knowlton.

Where will Anthony Munoz be Sunday?

Anthony Muñoz will be autographing Bengals tickets  prior to this Sunday’s home game versus the Arizona Cardinals. The ticket to the game has a picture of Muñoz on the front.

Muñoz will be signing the tickets from 9 a.m. to noon outside of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation offices located in Longworth Hall at 700 W. Pete Rose Way. A $20 donation to the Anthony Muñoz Foundation is suggested for each autograph.