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The offensive line's poor play contributing to Bengals awful rush offense

There's been question about the Bengals offensive line lately. Pro Football Weekly posted this little nugget:

While the Bengals' offense has gotten a boost of late from the return of RB Rudi Johnson (hamstring) and WR Chris Henry (suspension), there remains some concern about the play of the offensive line. Head coach Marvin Lewis criticized his team for a lack of physicality in the running game after the Week 10 win at Baltimore. Johnson and Kenny Watson, who were also criticized by Lewis, combined for only 70 yards on 31 carries. The Bengals, playing without ORT Willie Anderson (knee, heel) for yet another game, also surrendered three sacks. A personnel man familiar with the Bengals opined that Cincinnati's biggest offensive problems are along the line. "What they don't have are two solid tackles," said the evaluator, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The evaluator also suggested that the Bengals' OL depth was lacking. In Anderson's absence, Stacy Andrews has slid into the lineup at right tackle. Levi Jones, whose knee problems have been an issue the past two seasons, is the left tackle. It should be noted that the line did not allow a sack in the two games preceding the win at Baltimore. Also, TE Reggie Kelly, a strong blocker, missed Week 10 with a knee injury.      

If you take Adjusted Line Yards -- formula that takes all running back carries and assigns responsibility to the offensive line based on the percentages (losses=120%, 0-4 yards=100%, 5-10 yards=50%, 11+ yards=0%) adjusting them on down, distance, situation and opponent -- the Bengals are 26th in the league with a 3.90. [Football Outsiders' OL metrics]

For comparison's sake, the Bengals had an Adjusted Line Yards of 4.51 in 2005 -- ranked fourth -- and 4.43 in 2006 -- ranked 10th.

Rudi Fact #1: Rudi Johnson is averaging 1.2 yards less than his previous per-carry low (3.8) in 2006.
Rudi Fact #2: Rudi Johnson's last four games: 52 carries, 74 yards.

The Bengals can not run the ball. That's evident with Rudi's (2.6) yards per carry. And no, I don't know why they don't use Kenny Watson's 4.4 yards-per-carry more often. How many times have we seen Eric Ghiaciuc's guy shed off the block and make the stop at the line of scrimmage. Remember Sunday's game when Andrew Whitworth's guy pushed him back into the Rudi Johnson? When I say that Rudi is dancing in the backfield all the time, a majority of the time is because there's a defender in his face.

And yes, I believe losing Eric Steinbach hurt big time. It also hurts that neither Levi Jones or Willie Anderson have played healthy. Stacy Andrews worked mostly during camp and preseason at guard. Now he's playing tackle for an injured Anderson.