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Are fans selling their season tickets on the internet?

Updating the site. I ditched the widget. It really has no value, other than a marketing play to buy tickets, merchandise, the same Chad Johnson video and news that's not so updated. It looks cool, but I'm not employed with the team's marketing department... especially when our head coach chooses to say this regarding people selling their season tickets on the internet.

"I bought a bunch of those," he said. "They can't get them back. They'll go to fans that want them, that are on the waiting list trying to get them. Once you put them out there, you can't come back."

Fans are having a hard time justifying their paychecks, right now, for a crappy product. There's no other way to say it. And I'm sure Lewis was just making an attempt for a laugh. But I know Cincinnatians too. I know that they will give the big bird if there's semblance of an insult. We're a proud strong headed fan base with wavering support for Lewis.

In other things...

Prep rally planned Friday.