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Is Bengals Chad Johnson gone for 2008?

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It wouldn't surprise me if this was Chad Johnson's last season with the Cincinnati Bengals. It's clear that quarterback Carson Palmer is their franchise player and I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon. And if there's a situation in which key players aren't on the same page - whether it's an altercation, disagreement or a failure to communicate - then it's not of the question that someone gets released or traded. In this case, it definitely would be Chad and not Carson.

In terms of teams that are in dire need of a wide receiver, the Atlanta Falcons instantly come to mind. In addition, the Tennessee Titans have the worst receiving corps in the league; and of course, the Minnesota Vikings are lacking a marquee guy at wide receiver.

This is Cris Carter's response to the question, "Is this the end of the line for 'Ocho Cinco' in Cincy?"

The idea of trading Johnson -- with the exception of fans that hated his antics -- broke through after Chris Mortensen claimed that the front office might have to figure out what to do with the receiver. I still think what he reported was true. Mortensen wouldn't just make this up. There's too much in the NFL going on to rely on Dan Rather tactics. It was all swept under the rug with denials and admission by Mort that the story wasn't really a story. Still. Fans in general are washed of Chad Johnson. Not simply for his antics, but for things like this:

Johnson sits while Cardinals defense pounces on live ball. Yes, ball is live while Johnson sits there.

You almost feel sorry for Priest Holmes. The guy tried and tried to get back but it was never meant to be. While I won't ever forget how he and the Chiefs reacted after getting beat for the first time in 2003 IN Cincinnati (he didn't take it so well), I've always thought Holmes was a tremendous player and a decent guy. A combination that we're seeing become more and more rare.