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All things considered, Monday Night Football was fun

Not a big post here (finally, eh?). I just wanted to mention Monday Night's game between the Dolphins and Steelers. I'm hearing/reading many complain about the game itself -- not just the field. Three total points in a game of total offensive futility. Three points is a snoozer, even for a baseball game. Though three goals in a soccer "match" is a magnificently world-spinning display of offensive genius. As a long-standing fan of the Cincinnati Bengals with a love for Big Ten football (I know, the two couldn't be further apart), Monday's game had tons of appeal for a guy like me.

All things considered, Monday's game was far better than I expected. In perfect conditions, do you think the 0-10 Dolphins would have a chance against the the 7-3 Steelers? How many of us groaned when seeing this game coming up? Especially after the Steelers smoked the Ravens in the first half on the November 5th MNF game. Well, James Harrison and Ben Roethlisberger. The rest just watched those two -- including the entire Ravens' roster. I'll bet you had a backup plan. Heroes? Monday Night Raw? A scripted reality show? Or a bald Howie Mandel that makes me every single bit uncomfortable hosting a game show... nevermind.

Sure, I have something invested when the Steelers lose. I'm sticking to my guns that the Bengals have put themselves in perfect position for the playoffs -- the 4-7 part is just a hypnotic drug to make teams sleep on us so we can run the table now. Our master plan is working, Jeeves! Muhaha.

I enjoyed it. It was a game that, at any moment, could be decided by a single play. It's difficult taking two teams on the opposite sides of the world and make that game competitive. I say thank you, Heinz field for scheduling six billion football games over the weekend (how many times did we hear that while Tony Kornheiser insists that we talk, talk, talk about Ricky Williams being a pot-head?). The field and weather neutralized the obvious gaps in talent between the two teams. Otherwise, I'd have left by half-time -- though not for a bald Howie Mandel. That would just be ridiculous. And scary. I mean, really. Nevermind.

Good competitive games, sloppy field, etc.. that's good slobber-knocking football, man.

Mike Celizic really took it hard that Heinz field was in such bad shape. I suppose there's more things in life to get worked up about. But not Mike who used words such as "disgrace", calling the field "an insult, to the NFL, the players, the fans, and anyone who turned on a television in the hopes of enjoying Monday Night Football."

I know. I know. Monday Night Football is typically awful. There's been 13 Monday Night Football games this season -- seven were decided by 14 points. And it gets worse. We have New England and Baltimore next week (yay!). New Orleans at Atlanta after that (yay!).

Thinking about it, someone should challenge Mike in proving exactly what we'd be enjoying here. The disastrous field made it enjoyable. Ironic variable, don't you think. It's the most over-hyped game of the week that included a team that has yet to win a game. Admittedly, the schedule was made not anticipating that. But that doesn't change the fact that Monday Night football has been awful. Furthermore, Mike should be challenged to admit that the broadcast itself is worse than the snoozer on the field. Don't you think? Mike Tirico, who has his moments, can not let a single play go without his voice dominating EXACTLY what we're seeing. Mike, we see it. Let it go for a moment and let Suzie (oh baby) and Michele finish their reports.

What's with all these Mike's?

Though I do wonder if Mike -- the MSNBC guy -- has a background on gardening. It would explain the hat in the picture to prevent a bald-headed sunburn. Though a flower-pattern apron and thick as hell gloves (hey, plants fight back) might not go over well with a bunch of football players that eat rusty nails like Doritos.

Mike, Mike, Mike. If you had perfect conditions, the Steelers blow out the Dolphins by half-time. If that's your level of enjoyment, then let me speak for everyone else and say, thank god you're not the measure of NFL recreational happy-time. Take soccer. Please. Leave the NFL alone. For the love of God, leave the NFL alone.

That was a GREAT Monday Night Football game. No matter the teams.