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Is it time to let Bengals Chris Perry go?

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Soon, the Bengals have to decide what to do with Chris Perry. So soon, that on Thursday, we'll know whether he plays or sits the rest of the year. Personally, I won't hold my breath that he plays this year. I suppose my reasoning is that we'd have seen him already. The longer they hold out from activating him the longer it seems likely they won't. And when Marvin Lewis plays cloak and dagger on personnel issues, you already have an idea what's going on.

Mark Curnutte suggests since the running game woke up Sunday, with a relatively healthy three running backs showing effectiveness in their own respect, that it would be "foolish" to bring Perry back and risk further injury.

I agree. But really. Is there such a thing as further injury to a guy that's played in 37% of 59 possible games dating back to 2004? I think Perry's talent complimented the Bengals offense well. In the one season in which he carried the ball more than 10 times, the Bengals were largely successful. Without Perry largely playing, they're 8-8. There's probably no connection there, just a big fat coincidence. Either way, I think the team should consider cutting ties with the running back, if anything to have a clearer picture on the team's future at that position.