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Closing up loose ends: Perry on IR and sloppy Joes (not really)

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Chris Perry. What do you say? It's not his fault that injury bites a chunk out of each season, is it? It's not like his injuries could be categorized as "nagging". I mean, these are injuries that take most players down for a long time. Even so, another season, another Chris Perry on IR headline.


Jim Maxwell was signed to a two-year deal replacing Herana-Daze Jones also on IR.

More on turf...

In the likelihood that the Bengals will be playing on poor turf Sunday, you have to wonder, what exactly is the problem with a poor field. Back in the day, there was nothing better than getting pumped up for a game during a heavy rainstorm. The slop. The mud. The 20-yard butt slide. We were kids then. But I wonder if professionals have that same feeling when playing on a messy field that we did when we were kids. There's some disadvantages. You get worn out quicker with the challenge of the terrain. You tend to play cautiously (where many injuries are born) and worry more about field position and protecting the football than aggressively attacking. The Bengals will unlikely play it passive on offense Sunday. They have a statement to be made.

Even so, I'm all about mixing it up. I'm all about something different. From a Bengals perspective (as CTBengal points out), a sloppy field could be really really bad/good news. Who knows. It could work for us -- evening out gaps between the team's production -- or against us -- offensively struggling while not having as good a defense as Miami (we're ranked 12 places behind the Dolphins). However, it would probably be unwise to take the Dolphins offense as a measure of success and effectiveness on a sloppy field.

Joe Starkey says it best. Quit cryin' about Heinz field.

Troy Polamalu and Santonio Holmes appear to be "possibly" playing Sunday. Good. We want their best.

Site note...

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The loss of Sean Taylor is tragic. Any loss is tragic. Especially when one reforms himself at the sight of his new-born and the young family with a promising future shatters in an instance. Will (Hog Haven) is taking the time to vent the hurt Redskin nation is feeling this week.